Junior Bake Off - Heat A

Junior Bake Off: Bakers' Biogs (Heat A)

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Amal, 13


Self-taught baker Amal lives with her mum and dad in Essex. The only baker in her family, she was inspired to take up the hobby after falling in love with baking shows seven years ago. Amal’s passion for decoration comes into its own when making tall layer cakes for friends and family. She recently showed off her skills in piping when she made a two-tiered buttercream flower cake for her cousin’s 16th birthday. Amal likes to follow baking trends, experimenting with presentation while keeping flavours traditional. With aspirations to become Prime Minister, baking isn’t Amal’s only hobby. She also plays piano, studies drama and is sporty with a love of athletics and gymnastics.


Aleena, 15

Greater Manchester

Aleena lives in Greater Manchester with her Mum, Dad, two brothers and her sister. Her family have been her chief taste tester since she taught herself by watching YouTube videos at 9 years old. Aleena likes to push herself with challenging techniques such as puff pastry and enriched dough. She thinks she’s proven her commitment to her hobby after spending three days perfecting croissants. Her fun and trendy baking often has a professional finish and brings together her English and Pakistani heritage. Sports mad Aleena is an avid Manchester United fan and plays football and basketball with her siblings. 


George, 11


George began baking at a young age with his mum and nan. Now confident on his own in the kitchen, George holds family baking competitions with his brother Alfie where he often shows off his adventurous cake decorating skills. His most impressive bake to date is a chocolate mirror glaze cake. Cake isn’t George’s only area of expertise as he has mastered the art of puff pastry, something he thinks should be one of your five a day. A born entertainer, not only does George like playing football and beatboxing, he recently played the title role in Oliver to a sell-out audience of 400. George lives in Devon with his mum, dad, younger brother and dog.  


Vaughan, 13

County Durham

Vaughan only began baking two years ago, but inspired by YouTube videos he has already conquered millionaires shortbread cupcakes, lava cakes and meringue. His experimental and bold style sees Vaughan taking on bakes that challenge him and that expand his techniques.  Vaughan lives with his mum and dad. His hobbies include singing, acting, trampolining and he even has a small collection of retro computers.


Zak, 13


Zak lives in Hertfordshire with his mum, dad and two brothers, and regularly bakes for his number one fan, his nan. With five years of baking experience, Zak now has a focus on presentation and a neat professional finish. He thinks his cakes, biscuits and profiteroles have the potential to be sold in a coffee shop. Drama, trampolining and segwaying are just some of Zak’s other hobbies.


Maddie, 11


Maddie has been baking since she was just two years old, taught by her mum, grandmother and aunt. Inspired by her Jewish and French heritage, Maddie makes a weekly challah bread and is known for her signature French Madeleines. Experimental Maddie likes to impress with flavours and decoration. She recently made a red velvet illusion cake for her dad’s birthday and 50 James Bond themed cupcakes for some family friends. Maddie is captain of her netball team and plays as Goal Shooter. She also loves football and is an avid Arsenal fan. Maddie lives with her mum, dad, brother and sister in London.


Oliver, 10


Oliver lives with his mum, dad and two brothers in Northamptonshire. Introduced to baking at just 6 years old by his nan, Oliver now has aspirations to follow in her footsteps and work in a bakery. Oliver describes his style as “unique”, though he favours classic flavours such as chocolate and orange. With a good grasp of cakes, bread and meringue, Oliver likes to mix up recipes and make them his own. Oliver’s other passion is Harry Potter which he re-watches while his bakes are in the oven.


Tilly, 9


Tilly’s earliest memory is baking with her granny, having learnt with her at the tender age of just two years old. Her granny’s influence is still felt, as Tilly’s signature lemon drizzle cake is based on the recipe passed down to her. Tilly’s strengths lie in cakes, biscuits, decoration and presentation. She once spent three and a half hours decorating a celebration cake to look like a unicorn. When not in the kitchen, Tilly likes gardening and walking her dog. She is also musical as she not only sings, but also plays the piano and the oboe. Tilly lives with her mum, dad and two brothers.


Zoe, 10


Zoe was born in Texas, USA. She was taught to bake at just 3 years old by her American grandmother. However, it wasn’t until Zoe’s family moved to the UK when she was 5 years old that she began to take baking more seriously. Cakes and biscuits are Zoe’s speciality as they allow her to show off her quirky decorative style, such as her lemon and raspberry chequerboard cake. Zoe also enjoys trampolining, swimming and basketball, but cats are her main passion. Not content with her own cat “Spunky”, Zoe isn’t ever seen without a pair of her trademark cat ears. She lives with her mum, dad and younger brother.


Bakr, 15


Bakr lives with his mum and dad, along with his older brother and two sisters in Derby. After picking up a box of cake mix thinking it had a cake inside seven years ago, Bakr was inspired to start baking. His design-led and innovative style has now seen him craft a three-tiered wedding cake for his Auntie’s big day. Taking inspiration from his Pakistani heritage, Bakr regularly incorporates Asian flavours such as cardamom and mint into his bakes. His eye for detail helps Bakr with his other hobbies which include photography and design.