Celebrity SAS - Jake


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Why did you sign up to this show?

Do you know what? Out of all the reality shows that I've done, and there have been a few, SAS is one that I've always wanted to do. I've always been competitive. I've always loved my sport. I've always loved challenging myself, and what better way to get challenged by Ant Middleton screaming in your face when you're laid in a pond? You know what I mean?

Did you do any prep before you went on the course?

Yeah. I did a few hills sprints! I bought a big bag, and I put 40kg in it. I just used to go out walking around 10k a day, just to try and build up that kind of stuff. I had a few cold showers. I should have probably gone into cold water a few other times because it was the cold that got to me, honestly. I'm northern, and I kind of pride myself on going out in a t-shirt even when it's raining, but it was bloody cold and nothing can prepare you for that. I class myself as quite a fit guy. I love my gym. I love staying fit. I love competing, so I was as ready as I could have been. When I got there I wished I did a few mile runs, but it's one of those things.

What did you make when you found out who you were going to be on the show with?

I guess part of me because I am so competitive, there was a competitive edge in me. When I knew Kieran was doing it, I knew he'd be fit. I knew Wes would be fit. I knew James and Shanaze would be tough. I knew she loves the gym, so there was going to be a lot of fit people in there. Automatically, my thought process was that I wanted to win!

Did you all get on?

Yeah, I made really good friends, and I think we'll stay friends because it's such a mad experience. When would I be inside a car with Ulrika Jonsson with her shivering so much that I'm having to hug her with everything I’ve got to warm her up? You know what I mean? It's mad. It's just a mad thing.

What is it like having Ant and the other DS screaming in your face?

It's something you never really get used to. To be honest. I used to just answer back all the time. I answered back at school, answered back to my mum and dad, but for some reason I was shitting myself that much that I just didn't dare say anything back to them!

Day one they had you stripping naked in front of each other on the beach, what was that like?

Well, it was freezing. I was scared that me tiny little prong was going to be on TV! I remember just thinking, "I hope this doesn't show on TV. I hope they blur it out. I hope they put a massive blur even though it's not massive!” But, that was the moment that I realised that I can't mess around on this show because I remember getting out and smiling, and Ant sent me straight back into the water. I was like, "If I want to get to the end, I can't do this every single day." Plus, I thought I won't get to the end if I mess about because they won't take me serious, so I'm glad that I managed to show a bit more of a serious side in the tasks.

You had lots of physical challenges, like having to carry an oil drum for miles with Aled, what was that like?

Aled was probably my closest mate in there. I feel like we dragged each other through that challenge. We did a couple of tasks where I carried his stuff. The guy's got one leg, and he's a warrior. He never moaned about anything. It was tough, but you just had to really bite down and go for it. I think the reason why I was put with Aled is because I always wanted to be at the front. Obviously, Aled had his disability, so there was a possibility that we weren't going to be at the front. But, it just made me realise how important teamwork is. It was made even better that he was my closest friend in there, we just dragged each other through.

What was it like being with the other celebrities in the camp?

I loved it. We had loads of funny moments. Kieran was looking for his boxer shorts one day and they were on his head. Me winding Alex up. Just so much happened, and we were all such a strong unit. I say Aled was my best friend. Me and Vicky and Aled were so close. Wes was a good guy, and Kieran was amazing. Me and Ulrika really bonded. We all got along. We all had such a laugh. It was so needed after we'd been all day out in the cold and wet fighting each other, then to just get in there and have a bit of a release. I always tried to keep morale high. I always try to be up there and messing about and stuff. I hope that it helped everyone.