Introducing the new characters at Ackley Bridge

Category: Press Pack Article

Kyle Dobson - Played by Adam Little

Kyle Dobson is fresh out of young offenders, hardened by a difficult home life, and influenced by the racist views of some of the older members of his community. He’s every bit as intimidating and impenetrable as his stature. He runs at the world with unbridled discontent ready to take down anything that threatens to weaken his position. But he’s also a naïve boy who has had to grow up too fast, in a world that sees him only as a difficult problem to be overcome or avoided.


Asma Farooqi - Played by Laila Zaidi

A young, high achieving, intelligent Hijab wearing Muslim woman who wears her faith and sense of social justice on her sleeve. Asma sees teaching as a political act - she arrives at Ackley resolute on making her students think for themselves. She’s here to shake up the educational system, while at the same time closely guarding a secret of her own.

They join the returning cast including Robyn Cara, Ryan Dean, Yasmin Al-Khudhairi, Sunetra Sarker, Robert James-Collier, Charlie Hardwick, Tony Jayawardena, Fern Deacon, Phoebe Tuffs-Berry, Cody Ryan, Nazmeen Kauser and Zara Salim.