SAS: Who Dares Wins Kieran

Interview with Recruit 10 - Kieran

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Name: Kieran

Recruit: 10

Age: 25

Profession: Dental Engineer / Electrician

From: South London / Now living in Cornwall


Kieran always strived to do the best he could in school, working hard to put himself in the top classes and making himself a role model for other students. All this was in spite of a speech impediment, which he felt held him back his whole life. He has strategies to control it and managed to became Young Mayor of Lewisham at age 16, speaking at national and international conferences about empowering youth.  He still struggles with his speech impediment though and applied for the course to prove to himself he can finally overcome his speech impediment and more importantly that there is more to him than his voice. 


Well done, you made it to the final stage of the course. How does that feel?

To be honest it feels pretty surreal! I was definitely one of the least physically prepared recruits on the course, so to make it to the final stage is mad!


Why do you think you made it so far?

Mentally I’m very strong. Even when my body wanted to give up, my mind pushed me to go further. I never want to give up even when the voice in my head tells me to do so. I just knew that I had to give it 100%. 


At any point in the course, did you consider giving up?  What made you continue?

I considered giving up on the first day when I was climbing up that mountain! But I instantly had to check myself. I knew that if I went out like that, I would forever regret my decision. I kept my son in my mind, which helped me to keep going. When he’s old enough he’ll be able to watch the show and I wanted him to be proud of his old man!


The last part of the course was the toughest and not many made it past that stage.  What made you keep going?

The fact that I had already made it so close to the end kept me going! I knew it was just the final push and I had a feeling deep down that I knew I could do it. I was just thinking, at least I’m not running.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always lived in my head.  I talk more in my head than I do out loud. Not being able to communicate fluently has forced me to get to know the little voice inside my head pretty well. So I found comfort during that stage, just chilling with my thoughts.

Although the sounds and tiredness did eventually distort my thoughts, I just had to reign it back in by manipulating the chainsaw sound into a beat and freestyle terribly in my head.


What was the worst part of the course for you? Why?

Probably the master interview and when I had to talk to the interrogators. Anything where I have to talk just makes my life a little bit more difficult.


What was the first thing you did after you left the course?

I had a lamb curry, a big sleep and then had to travel back home to Cornwall from Scotland.


Describe your experience on SAS: Who Dares Wins

It was one of the best experiences of my life so far. Words won’t and can’t do it any justice.  It has been life changing in many ways, knowing I have the strength of character and self-resilience to cope with whatever is thrown at me, has made me very proud of myself and my achievement.  The whole process is so realistic and it felt like we were being put through SAS selection. It forced me to push myself to my limit; both physically and mentally. I had to dig deep to find the strength I needed to carry on.

It was in many ways a defining moment for me, the Kieran before and the Kieran after SAS: Who Dares Wins.  I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on the process .  How it pushed me to my absolute limits and how I was able to do that.  It was a journey that mainly occurred within my head.  I had to have a lot of conversations with myself, and I found that I was able to sort out issues and problems just through thought.  I realised very quickly that I had to be my own biggest fan, my own motivator and my own source of encouragement.  This was ultimately going to be the only way I could complete the course. Any self-doubt that crept into my thoughts had to be wrestled with and turned into something positive.


Would you ever do it again?

Yes, in a heartbeat.


What do you think you’ve learnt about yourself?

I’ve learnt that I'm a lot stronger, both physically and mentally than I have ever given myself credit for.  I now feel like I can literally do anything. I can achieve whatever I want in my life.


Has being on the series changed your life in anyway?

Yes, it made me realise that I am capable of a lot more. I can always push myself further and harder.  I have a much deeper sense of self-worth and respect for myself, which has given me more confidence and shall be pivotal in my life.