Interview with Lolly Adefope who plays Ama

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What most appealed to you about Chivalry and how did you come to be involved?

Steve Coogan is one of my comedy heroes, so I would jump at any chance to work with him again. And I’m a big fan of Sarah’s too - I did a self-tape and very thankfully got the part.


Why do you think the post-MeToo world of Hollywood makes such compelling comedy drama?

I think comedy is a great way to address topics that might be uncomfortable or awkward to talk about - the movement had an impact on everyone around the world, and affected so many people in various different ways.


How closely does the Hollywood depicted in the show resemble the real thing? 

 I felt like it was very accurate - it’s always a bit jarring when shows aren’t realistic in that way but the show is so grounded and true to life.


How would you describe the character of Ama?

Ama is an ambitious, intelligent millennial assistant producer - I think she’s often the cleverest person in the room, but doesn’t feel the need to shout about it. 


What particular challenges is she facing?

She wants to build her career, but is working with older people in the industry who think they know everything, and haven’t quite got to grips with how fast the world is changing - so Ama has to balance challenging their opinions with keeping quiet and getting on with her job.


Did you base her on anyone in particular? What did you draw on from your own experience in the film and TV industry? 

No one in particular - I drew on my own experience of being a runner and an intern - there’s that desperation to impress people that often has to fight against a desire to speak your truth. I think finding that balance is the eternal struggle for someone starting to build their career from the lowest rung of any industry.


What other research / preparation did you find useful?

I practiced my US accent with a dialect coach, just to really nail the voice and all the inflexions and emphasis.