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An interview with Lindsey Morgan for Season 2 of The 100

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What’s in store for Raven in Season 2 of The 100?

There are so many avenues open for Raven in Season 2. In a strange way, she’s finally being able to explore herself and discover who she really is.

What challenges will Raven be facing in Season 2?

Raven goes through a lot in Season 2, which is fascinating to watch. You already saw her break down emotionally, but she’s challenged with a different kind of breakdown in Season 2. I don’t want to say what kind it is; you’ll have to watch and see for yourself – but I think it’s fascinating because Raven is such a capable person. She’s always in control and she always knows what to do. I think it’s fascinating to watch someone like that be confronted with new obstacles and challenges. She may be broken, but I think it’s a beautiful thing because we get to see her rebuild herself.

What would you like to see happen to your character this season?

I’d love to see her interact with the Grounders. I’d love to see her given more leadership roles, but I would also love for her to connect with more of the other characters. Raven’s very independent, but Finn was like her lifeline. I like seeing Raven when she gets to open up. As strong as she is, her vulnerable side is very fascinating.

What do you enjoy most about playing Raven?

Raven is a total badass. She is a guy’s girl who is brilliant because she’s also a prodigy when it comes to mechanical engineering. She’s the youngest mechanical engineer the space station has had in 52 years, and she loves getting dirty and down with it. She’s feisty, she’s sassy, she’s strong; she’s a really cool girl. She can definitely hold her own.

What’s impressed you the most about your character?

I love that she came into the story as part of a love triangle and as a love interest. The audience was thinking, ‘Okay, this girl is just the girlfriend.’ But no, she’s her own person. As much as Finn is important to her, Raven has a life of her own – and that’s without Finn. In Season 2, I think we’re going to see that side of her much more. I think it’s going to be really exciting.

Is it true that in the original plans for the show, Raven was supposed to be killed off in Season 1?

Yes, that’s true. I ended up living in a hotel in Vancouver for six months because they kept extending the role. I was booked for a certain amount of episodes, so I was ready to pack my suitcase after the episode where Raven was supposed to die. I remember saying, “I love this show. I love Raven, but she’s dying tomorrow. It’s so sad.” And then I got a call, “So, Lindsey… We’re going to keep you for two more weeks.” And that just kept happening. I kept getting the call. “One more week, Lindsey.” Then another. Then another. From what I know now, things were changing on the fly in the writers’ room. They had always intended her to die, but I’m glad she didn’t. They kept extending it, which was a lovely surprise for me along the way. It was like, “Oh, I made it. I’m holding on here.”

How much fun do you have playing Raven?

I love it. She’s tough. She’s awesome! Raven is really intense, but she is smart, and badass, too. There are times in my life where I’m frantic and I think to myself, ‘Okay, what would Raven do now?’ As dumb as that sounds, it’s in my head. I think to myself, ‘She’d do that.’ Or, ‘She’d do this.’ In some ways, I love her and in other ways I’m like, ‘Girl, you need to relax. You’re making me tired with all this energy!’


Do you have any input into how your character develops?

Do you know what’s really great about our writers? They are so keen and observant to us, as actors, and they can see where we shine and what our strengths are. They are also very curious. They try to stretch us and surprise us along the way. I think we have a great collaboration with the writers.

How do the writers involve you with your character’s progression?

They ask us, “What do you want to see this season? What did you enjoy last season? What do you love about your character? What do you not love? What do you want to explore?” They definitely take us into consideration, but they are always looking to push us, too. I think Raven got pushed a lot. She wasn’t an ordinary guest star. She got pushed to some great places that I – as an actress – had never been before. I really loved it. I’ve loved the entire experience.

Which of the storylines in Season 1 surprised you the most?

Bellamy surprised me. Where did that come from? No one gave me any notice about that, either. I was reading the script thinking, ‘Ooh, this is good. This is... What?!? What?!?’ It was a huge shocker for me. The Bellamy hook-up was so shocking and so raw and so vulnerable. I think they wanted to push the character because she was supposed to die in the next episode, so it was like, ‘Let’s just see what she can do. Let’s go all out, especially if this is the end.’ I thought it was really great.

How does it feel to portray a strong female character on television?

I love it. I feel like there’s a giant trend of strong women on television and in movies right now. As cheesy as it might sound, I’ve got to give credit to movies like The Hunger Games and Divergent because they are stories written about young heroines. It’s not just about super guys any more. We get to see girls doing action stuff. I want that door to open because I want to do action stuff myself.

Have you always wanted to portray a strong character?

When I was growing up, I wanted to see girls like me on television and in movies – strong girls who aren’t crying over their relationships or whatever. I’m not saying that’s not a big deal, but I want to see a girl take control of her life and be a strong role model. We’re a much different generation now, so I think us girls can stand up for ourselves. For me, it’s great that I get to play this strong role. I love it. In fact, I couldn’t ask for a better role.