Channel 4 unveils line-up of new comedy Blaps and Playgrounds

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Channel 4 has announced the newest additions to its roster of short-form comedy Blaps and the introduction of a new stepping-stone for cutting-edge comedy talent with Playgrounds.

A backbone of Channel 4’s First For Funny campaign and adding to a historically vibrant collection of online shorts, the Blaps platform continues to nurture and cultivate emerging talent both on and off screen.

Blaps have been a birthplace of comedic ingenuity and served as a launch pad for many beloved Channel 4 series including, We Are Lady Parts, Stath Lets Flats, Home, Dead Pixels (E4) and Disability Benefits.

Playgrounds are the latest addition, providing the perfect stomping ground for brand-new talent to experiment and stretch their comedic muscles within a shorter format, with an emphasis on creative freedom.

Meet our Playgrounds pioneers:

·       Ayoade Bamgboye will be produced by A24

·       Johnny White Really-Really will be produced by Baby Cow Productions

·       Stephen Buchanan will be produced by Bandicoot TV/Belter Studios

·       Josh Glanc will be produced by Boffola

·       Dan Britt will be produced by Blink Industries

The newest BLAPS include:


Set in rural Derbyshire, Peaked follows the social clumsiness and eccentricity of bickering BFF’s Sara & Beth who try too hard to get noticed in a small peak district town. When new boy George lands in town with his bongos, they compete for his attention.

Created by Ada Player & Bron Waugh and produced by Boffola. It was commissioned by Laura Riseam.

Stepping Up:

Lovable Josh is an over-enthusiastic step-dad who brings well-intentioned chaos to his new (and previously harmonious) family unit. No-one needs him to but Josh is ‘Stepping Up’ anyway.

Created by Josh Pugh and produced by Roughcut TV. It was commissioned by Joe Hullait and Andy Brereton.

Toads (w/t):

A ‘who-wed-it’ comedy from Amy Gledhill who plays Amber who experiences cold feet just before her wedding. After kissing numerous toads in search of her prince, a looming question emerges: has Amber made the right choice?

Created by Amy Gledhill and produced by VAL. It was commissioned by Andy Brereton.

The Pharmacy:

The Pharmacy delves behind the counter of a local pharmacy in Wigan as the oddball staff attempt to cure their community one patient at a time. This semi-autobiographical ensemble comedy, introduces us to a diverse group of misfits, tempted by the pills they serve customers whilst dealing with high rent, high stress and low pay.

Created by Ola Labib and produced by Objective Fiction. It was commissioned by Andy Brereton.

Channel 4’s Head of Comedy, Charlie Perkins said: “Nothing comes from nothing. I really believe in the power of making short-form comedy, something will always come out of it for those both on and off screen. That could be a TV series, sure, but it could also be a million other brilliant things- from a new creative partnership that lasts a career, to an extra skill learned, to a piece of published work you are proud of that helps showcase what you do best. Channel 4 has always been world-class in nurturing and supporting emerging talent and with Blaps and Playgrounds I want us to keep this flame alive whilst adding in a new place for proper experimentation. We can’t wait to show people what the very best up-and-coming comedy brains can do in this brilliant haul and beyond.

Peaked is available to stream on YouTube and Channel 4:

The remaining collection of BLAPS and Playgrounds will be released in due course.