The Windsors Coronation Special - Kathryn Drysdale - Richard Goulding

Interview with Kathryn Drysdale who plays The Windsors’ Meghan

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Will you always make time for The Windsors?

Yeah, it's just such good fun. It doesn't really feel like work. Everybody makes it work, whatever other projects they're involved in at the time.


Is there a lot of corpsing on set?

A lot of corpsing. I remember the first day I was ever on set (for series two) – it was already well established, and I just couldn't stop laughing. I was a bit nervous, thinking: is this normal? But it really is. I always corpse when I'm in scenes with Hugh Skinner (playing Wills) for some reason, just because of the way he speaks. He’s a comedy genius.


How do you stay professional in that environment?

Normally by the second or third take, we've got it together. We are pressed for time, because quite a lot of the time we're squeezing the whole shoot into a couple of weeks. We don't really have the luxury of corpsing all day!


Where do we find Harry (Richard Goulding) and Meghan for the Coronation Special?

In California, enjoying the post-Netflix series lifestyle, in a “will they, won't they go to the coronation” situation. They’ve settled right into that world.


Why does California suit them so well?

I see our Meghan as a Californian princess, so she is right at home there. They've got their garden, they've got their chickens, they've got their neighbours and their staff, so they're really enjoying it.


How did you manage to film California in Hertfordshire?

With lots of trickery! California has been quite grey and they've actually had rain recently, so Hertfordshire in late winter was fitting.


How would you describe their feelings towards “the firm” in this special?

I think with our Windsors, there's a lot of love towards his father. They just want to do the right thing, whatever that is, in their Californian way. There's a lot of soul searching about what the right thing is, and it depends on what books they’re reading at the time as well. As for Wills and Harry, they’re brothers, you know?


Is it enjoyable for you to be playing a princess?

Yeah! And obviously I played her when she wasn't a princess. I really prefer to be a princess.


Harry and Meghan are obviously smitten with each other – how do you create that chemistry together?

What's been brilliant has been having access to raw material in terms of the real Harry and Meghan, to take some inspiration from that into our portrayal. We've noted how tactile they are and brought that into our partnership on screen, which is funny. Richard is such a talented and open actor, so he's up for playing all those sorts of games.


What was your favourite scene from the Coronation Special?

One of my favourite scenes was when Harry and Meghan had a work meeting about their next potential project. I can’t say any more, but I found that a lot of fun.


And what was the biggest challenge?

Well, I had a cold at the beginning. That was the only real challenge because filming outside in March was a bit chilly. Other than that, I don't think there is anything too challenging about it because it’s so much fun. I was flitting from finishing off Bridgeton the same week that I was filming this, so it was such a joy to come to The Windsors and have a good old laugh.


Have you ever met a real royal?

I've met King Charles and Camilla and they were great fun. I was at the Royal Shakespeare Company where King Charles is a patron, so they came to see the show and we met them backstage afterwards. I thought how charming and cheeky they were together.


Are there any eye-catching outfits for Meghan this time?

She seems to have a uniform wardrobe that we see a lot, especially the white power shirts. We will see a lot more of those, for sure, and the trademark the long hair.


Will you be watching the coronation itself?

I will be watching the coronation, although I don’t have specific plans yet. I’ll do something nice, though.


What’s next for you?

I’m doing a film, and I'm doing an audio book about somebody who lives in the Tower of London. More royal connections – I can’t escape them!