Dead Pixels S2

Interview with Charlotte Ritchie (who plays Alison)

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Charlotte, what’s it been like back on the set of Dead Pixels? What were you most looking forward to?

I was so keen to get back together with everyone in that flat - I love everyone on the job, they’re so funny and wonderful to work with. But I also love Jon’s writing so much it was such a treat to get back to that character and get stuck into it.


What is it about Alison that you really like/hate?

I love her positivity, and her endless ability to bounce back. She’s well-meaning and kind, but there’s also a smugness to her that I can’t bear but is so much fun to play. It’s also fun when she momentarily loses her shit.


Has Alison changed between series 1 and 2? In the first series, she acted as a voice of reason to Meg. What kind of part do you feel she will play in this series?

I think she is similar in some ways. She is still playing “Mum” slightly to Meg and Nicky (without them really asking for it). But we get a bit more of a glimpse into her own life, and how it might not be as perfect as it seems. I think towards the end she manages, inadvertently, to encourage Meg and Nicky to genuinely look outside of themselves and play more of a caring role.


Do you think the comedy and types of characters on the show are reflective of how many young people lives their life today?

Well… Considering I’m writing this during isolation and am literally about to go and play GTA San Andreas with my housemate sort of answers that question. How the hell would Alison deal with self-isolation…!


What was the reaction like after series 1?

It was great. I think it found an audience that was a mix of gamers and people who knew nothing of the gaming world.


Has there been a push to make the jokes even bigger and ramp up the craziness level?

I don’t know… I don’t think so. There are a couple of particularly mad events, mainly involving Russell… But this series, and Alison’s interactions in particular, seemed to be so much based around particular objects and details of their world within the flat. Which I loved, because it makes it so specific and personal to these characters and highlights how well carved out they are.


What has it been like to be back on set with Will and Alexa?

It’s so much fun. They are genuinely wonderful people. I had such a good time; I really miss it now we’ve filmed!


Was corpsing still a problem this time around?

Haha yeah. It’s such a joy. Man, I can’t wait to see it.


Will Alison ever become a gamer?

You’ll have to wait and see!!