I Hate You episode synopses

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EPISODE 1 - ‘Canada’

When Charlie is dumped by a guy who believes humans came from bears, Becca can’t stop teasing her.  But Charlie teases Becca back for going on a date with a man in his 70’s - Leonard (MICHAEL COCHRANE).

When Becca comes back later, raving about how interesting older men are, Charlie decides to find her own pensioner - Ralph (JOSEPH MARCELL). The girls go on a second date, but Leonard and Ralph merely repeat everything they said on their first date. The men are just too old…

Charlie and Becca soon realise they need to arrange a double date with Leonard and Ralph – that ends with a  ‘double dumping’.


EPISODE 2 - ‘Einstein’

At breakfast the girls argue whether Becca’s infatuation with her own

step-brother - KARL (SHAQUILLE ALI-YEBUAH) - should be classed as ‘against the law’. Charlie definitely thinks it should.

Charlie’s boss, Bob Oxygen (JONNY SWEET) has asked her to pick up an original signed Albert Einstein letter from a real-life Lord. Becca begs to come along. When the girls arrive, the Lord (COLIN MACFARLANE) is beyond eccentric - he has a pet fly called Freddie.

But when something unfortunate happens to the valuable artifact Charlie accidentally spills her coffee all over the letter, the girls hatch an insane plan to stop Charlie’s boss from sacking her.


EPISODE 3 - ‘Monster’

Becca’s awful father, who walked out when she was only ten, passes away, but Becca feels bad that she just can’t cry about him.

Becca guilts Charlie into bunking off work with her, and soon the day spirals into chaos when the girls play their extreme dare game - ‘Scary Dare’ , and Becca chucks Charlie’s keys into a parked van. When Charlie goes to retrieve them, she ends up on an unexpected journey .

Later at Bradley’s (JAMES BRADWELL) terrible party, Becca does another dreadful scary dare - dropping Charlie’s keys into the jacket pocket of a very drunk, monster of a man. A terrified Charlie has no choice but to try and get them back, leading to more madness and mayhem.  


EPISODE 4 - ‘Millionaires’

It’s Becca’s birthday but she’s refusing to celebrate. She just wants a ‘zero birthday’ and to lie in bed all day. It’s driving Charlie mad. Meanwhile, her step-brother, Karl drops round a box containing some of her recently deceased dad’s belongings, but Becca refuses to open it. Charlie on the other hand, can’t help trying to take a secret peep.

Charlie finally drags Becca out the flat, but Becca’s birthday soon turns into a nightmare when Charlie ‘accidentally’ attempts to steal a laptop, and the girls have a very angry and very wet confrontation with a vet…


EPISODE 5 - ‘Jazz’

The girls go to see Ryan-from Becca’s-work’s punk band, ‘German Boyfriend’, play live. They’re incredibly terrible. Or ‘increditerrible’ as Becca describes them. They meet Becca’s boss, Mrs Plant (CHETNA PANDYA), who is so drunk they need to take her somewhere safe. .

But after Mrs Plant suffers a bizarre injury involving a chessboard, the girls take her to A&E where they wait for six hours. And so begins a night of no sleep, followed by a day of no sleep, culminating in an exhausting lunch from hell with Charlie’s parents, where we meet Matthew (HARRY TREVALDWYN), Charlie’s spoilt, malicious brother.


EPISODE 6 - ‘Muck’

Charlie’s boss, Bob Oxygen, is throwing a launch party for his awful autograph dealership website. He’s fed up, as only three people are coming. Charlie finally asks for a pay-rise, but Bob ends up giving her a pay-cut.

Meanwhile, Becca has a one-to-one gym session with Karl, and horror of horror - craps her pants while over doing it on the running machine. Things don’t looks good for the girls - Charlie is now self-employed, and Becca’s a ‘self-shitter’

Bob’s party is a disaster, ending with Charlie doing something terrible. And Becca finally opens her dad’s box. But what lies within?