I Am Daneille

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The second film in the series is I Am Danielle. Danielle is a photographer focused on her career. She meets a model and cautiously starts dating him. Michael could be the one. After she has fallen completely in love, she discovers a disturbing secret. Can she still love him after this betrayal of trust? It is a compelling reflection on the hope and heartache of falling in love in the age of social media, where trust and betrayal go hand in hand.

I Am Danielle stars BAFTA winning Letitia Wright (Black Panther, Small Axe) and co-stars C.J. Beckford (Sitting in Limbo), Sophia Brown (Giri/Haji) and Simona Brown (Behind Her Eyes).



Written and Created by Dominic Savage

Story by Dominic Savage & Letitia Wright

Danielle: Letitia Wright

Michael: C.J. Beckford

Tara: Sophia Brown

Natalie: Simona Brown                                                           

Produced by Krishnendu Majumdar

Co-producer: Josh Hyams

Executive Producers: Richard Yee and Dominic Savage

Production Co: Me+You Productions



  • It’s really different because you’re not given a script to learn lines. You’re completely involved in the creative process. I found his approach very intuitive and sensitive. He really pays attention to you as a human being and all of that was incorporated into the script so the process was collaborative and inclusive. I felt really excited to be a part of it.
  • It’s pretty much been the best set experience I’ve had. It has never felt rushed, like time was running away. I always had time to explore.
  • He’s an amazing human being and director, he got the best out of us because of the environment he created for us to feel comfortable, to feel loved and to feel free. So, I was able, God willing, to do my best work.
  • It was really challenging because you don’t want to bring forth emotion that’s not coming from a real place. So, you have to dig deep from within and find the truth which is within you.
  • As with all filmmaking, ultimately we’re seeking truth. No matter what the genre, your job is to make sure the audience believes it. I think the difference with this is, the process of creating the story itself came from real places. The skeleton is from real places. Talking about the experiences of love, you have that as the basis and then you build. Dominic’s approach is way deeper, it doesn’t work if you don’t tell the truth or dig deep.
  • I would describe it as...firstly liberating. Literally liberating. It’s given me new love for what I do in terms of creating stories. It’s taken me to a deeper place within myself, to ask questions that I may have buried before. It’s enhanced my whole way of thinking about acting and approaching stories but enhanced the way I think about myself too.
  • Dominic would say ‘nothing is wrong’ – you don’t have to hit this mark, it’s about how you feel from the inside. When you say it, is it going to be impactful? From that place I felt confident. Nothing was boxed in or limited, I didn’t feel suppressed. He started it very slowly. As we progressed it would become fluid, the takes were long. We go back and ask questions, and just explore.