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What is Grace’s motivation for shooting Mercedes?

Grace has just found out that it was Mercedes who ran her over and put her in a wheelchair, so she wants to get her revenge. Mercedes was with Grace’s brother, Liam when the accident happened but they framed Harry because it was his car that they were driving.

Can you tell us about the kind of year that Grace has had?

A traumatic one! A very emotional one. I think it’s the first time we’ve seen Grace really broken down to absolutely nothing. It’s been quite sad to see her so vulnerable, but also nice to see that she does have a heart. It’s actually been great for me to film because I’ve had really short makeup calls [laughs]. In all seriousness, it was nice for me to show that other side of Grace, rather than the big bad mouthy one. She got run over and ended up with a back injury that put her in a wheelchair, and she was told that she might not ever walk again so that was pretty horrendous for her. That was when you saw her kind of crumpled down to her absolute lowest. Gradually she fights through and goes, right, do you know what? I’m going to get through this. The lovely Sylver managed to bring her out of her shell a bit and gave her the confidence to get up and start walking again. She was then on crutches and you started to see a tiny of glimmer of the bitch being back. Finally, she walks up The Loft stairs and then she’s back in the room.

How much fun is playing the rivalry between Grace and Mercedes?

It’s always fun. It’s like something out of Dynasty, I think that’s what we get described as, Alexis and Krystle Carrington, because they are two of the feistiest characters in the show. When there’s a big bust up between them it’s always massive and it’s always a complete bitch fest. It’s fun filming it because obviously me and Jen don’t hate each other at all, far from it, so we always have a laugh doing it and we always go as over the top as we can possibly get away with.

Grace is always in heels, do you have any hacks to stop your feet from hurting during a long day on set?

I don’t wear them basically! Unless you can see them, I’m in slippers. Most of the times when you can’t see my feet know that I 100% have got a pair of slippers on. Although now I’ve been filming more stuff with Sylver, who’s really tall, they keep making me put my heels on for the height. I keep saying to David, can you not lunge or squat or something?

If you could bring any character in from another TV show to play Grace’s next love interest or adversary, who would it be?

It would be Wentworth Miller from Prison Break, deffo 100% and he’s a bit weird as well which kind of suits Grace, she always goes for a bit of a weirdo.