Hollyoaks 2019 Who Shot Mercedes

Hollyoaks: Who Shot Mercedes? Goldie | The Curious Cousin

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What is Goldie’s involvement in this week?

Goldie’s involvement this week is just trying to keep all of the family together, hoping that Mercedes is ok and she really, really wants to get to the bottom of who shot her as well.


Are you enjoying playing loved up Goldie?

I am really enjoying loved up Goldie because she’s never actually been in a proper stable relationship, a loving relationship, so it is fun, but I am getting itchy feet to go on a bit of a wrongun again [laughs]. For now, it’s really nice so I’m enjoying it. I don’t think she ever expected him to give up being a Priest for her but when he does it’s a massive shock and that’s all she’s ever wanted – for someone to sacrifice something for her - no man ever has before, so she’s made up.


Is it strange having to kiss Rory when you’re friends with his fiancé, Nadine?

It is strange because obviously Nadine’s my girl, but when you get used to doing that with someone in a scene it’s nothing now; at first it was a bit strange but we’ve whacked the lips on each other so many times now that we do it without even thinking.


You recently spoke on the Don’t Filter Feelings podcast about the dangers of social media, what are your best and worst things about social media?

The best things about Social Media are the lovely people I guess – you can put a picture up and people can be really nice, it boosts your confidence for the day. It’s always good to be busy on there too and it’s good for online shopping as well, I get a lot of inspiration off Social Media. The worst thing is the online bullying, the trolls, I’m just hoping that one day there’ll be an end to people being nasty over the internet, it makes it such a cruel place to go.


Hollyoaks is bringing back Hollyoaks Later for the Breda storyline, could Goldie play a part in this with Breda being her mum?

I’d really like to be involved in Hollyoaks Laters, because I really want to swear [laughs] only joking. Laters is always gory, it’s so big and this time it’s about Breda who is Goldie’s mum, so I really hope that I can be part of it.