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Hollyoaks: Who Shot Mercedes? Diane | The Betrayed Friend

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What is Diane’s motive for shooting Mercedes?

Diane’s motive for shooting Mercedes is because Mercedes let her step-son, Harry take the blame for running over Grace, when in fact that wasn’t the case at all. Nobody wanted to come to Harry’s funeral because of that, because they thought he was such a bad person. Tony went missing because he was trying to find Harry and now obviously he’s disappeared, so Diane blames Mercedes for pretty much everything, for the mess that her life’s in at the moment.

Were you surprised by the reaction to Tony being ‘dead’?

Yea, because it was huge and my phone was going crazy, I even had my own mum phoning me! She rang me asking if Tony was dead and I hadn’t spoken to her all week so I was like “first of all, how are you?” I had loads of friends texting me and I think because he’s been in the show since day one it was a really big deal actually. I knew that he wasn’t dead but even I was quite shocked, I second guessed myself, like “is he?” [laughs]. It’s always great for the show too when you get a reaction like that and Twitter goes wild.

Have you missed working with Nick Pickard?

Have I missed Nick Pickard? No not really [laughs] I’m only joking, of course I have, I’ve worked with him for ten years and all of a sudden, he’s gone out of Diane’s life, out of Alex’s life. He’s been filming with just him and Breda for quite some time so who knows when we’ll get him back, but yea I’ve missed him loads.

What has it been like working with Joe McGann who plays Tony’s dad?

He’s been great, you get so much in your comfort zone because I’ve being working with Nick (Tony) for nearly ten years, so I was a little bit nervous about it, but he’s slotted right in and he’s a complete gentleman. It’s such good casting – they’ve got the same eyes – there are definitely similarities between them in looks, he doesn’t fall over as much as Nick though! [laughs] He just brings a real calmness to the set actually and he’s great, and he’s a Scouser.

Do people recognise you more for Brookside or Hollyoaks?

Definitely the older generation for Brookie but I am finding more now that it’s “Diane, Diane!” If there’s a mum and a daughter then the mum always remembers me from Brookie and the daughter’s like “what’s that?” That makes me feel really old! It’s nice that it’s across quite a few generations because I’ve grown up in people’s living rooms. I’d probably say more Hollyoaks now to be honest.