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Getting the nation lockdown exit ready… Channel 4 announces Lockdown Diet (w/t) with Michael Mosley

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Lockdown Diet (w/t) is a new three-part series for Channel 4 produced by Wall to Wall and presented by doctor, best-selling author, science broadcaster, creator of multiple dieting systems and regular newspaper columnist Dr Michael Mosley.  He will be sharing facts, tips, his diet expertise and ground-breaking lifestyle plan, to get us all feeling even better than we did before lockdown.

As the UK slowly eases its way out of lockdown many of us will be realising that our trousers may not fit anymore.  This was an extraordinary time of stress, worry, and a huge change to our normal routine, which meant many of us began overindulging in comfort foods and exercising far less as we stayed indoors.

This timely series will see six members of the British public, who all struggled to maintain their health and fitness under induced lockdown, take part in Michael’s 21-day experiment to try and improve their health and lose weight, but will they be able to stick to it?

In just three weeks Michael will  try to dramatically overhaul their approaches to food and fitness, to do this each episode will concentrate on a theme. Diet- as Michael help’s each person embark on a healthy eating plan, to shift the pounds unlearn any lockdown bad habits they have made.  Exercise -Michael will give each person a tailored regime to help get them back into the world of working out.  Lastly, Immunity – he will coach them in how to boost their immune systems and revolutionise their bodies from the inside out. Michaels wife and bestselling cookbook author Dr Clare Bailey will be on hand throughout the process to show us how to cook healthy, immune boosting meals that can easily be incorporated into Michael’s bespoke plan.

Dr Michael Mosley believes that the months we’ve spent under lockdown could have serious and far-reaching consequences on our nation’s health. If we start making our new habits permanent, the consequences could be disastrous.

Presenter Dr Michael Mosley said, “My hope is this series offers people practical advice to overhaul their lifestyles in what has been an anxiety inducing time for most. Using cutting edge science, I want to give people the confidence and knowledge to safely lose excess weight, boost their immunity and improve their overall health. I can’t wait to get started.”

Anna Miralis, exec producer at Wall to Wall, said: “I’m excited to be working with Michael Mosley and C4 on this timely, life-changing series that will show us how to lose the pounds and boost our immune system. Never has there been a more crucial time to make our health a priority.”

Adam Vandermark, Commissioning Editor, said: “Michael Mosley’s expertise on all things health related is exactly what we need to help us in these difficult times. Plus if you’ve succumbed to what’s become known as “Quarantine 15” (the number of pounds many of us believe we’ve put on during lockdown) then he is the man to get you back on track.”




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Credit: Lockdown Diet (w/t), coming soon to Channel 4.


Presented: Dr Michael Mosley

Executive Producer: Anna Miralis

Production Company: Wall To Wall

Commissioning Editor: Adam Vandermark   


Dr Michael Mosley - bio

Michael Mosley is a science presenter, journalist and executive producer. He is also the author of the international bestselling books The Clever Guts Diet, The Fast Diet, Fast Exercise and The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet.


Dr Clare Bailey- bio

Clare Bailey is a GP, columnist and best-selling cookery writer.