Frank of Ireland - Episode Billings

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Frank is shocked to hear that his ex-girlfriend, Áine, has a new boyfriend - after all, they only broke up six years ago. He and BFF Doofus head to Áine’s grandmother’s wake, to discover Áine with Peter-Brian – a doctor, and expert in MMA (that’s Mixed Martial Arts). Threatened by ‘Peter-Brian, Frank decides he’s going to learn MMA himself, and also secures a ‘gig’ playing at Aine’s grandmother’s funeral. Will Frank master MMA, or will he keep confusing it with MDMA? And will the gig be a success, impressing Áine in the process, or will it (more likely) end in disaster?


Mary is bed-bound, so it falls to Frank, and therefore Doofus as well, to complete a list of chores and return her to health. They set about their tasks with enthusiasm, stupidly giving Mary sleeping pills so they can finish the list in peace. Returning home after a stressful trip to the laundrette, they discover that Mary has escaped. With only her Tinder profile for clues, will Frank and Doofus be able to find her? Will they complete their chores on time? And has Mary even gone on a date, or has something much worse befallen her?

Ep 3

Áine tells Frank that things are getting serious between her and Peter-Brian, so Frank and Doofus set out to expose him as the ‘yoked-up party boy’ Frank’s sure he is. But in the process of collecting evidence against him, Frank starts to fall under his spell - and Doofus becomes worried Frank’s fallen for the enemy. How will this new friendship affect Frank’s relationship with Áine? Will Pee-Bee’s Big Adventure threaten Doofus’s previously uncontested position as Frank’s bestie? Meanwhile, Mary takes on a tenant or two to cover the mortgage - and they couldn’t be more different.


Malahide Community Centre is playing host to an am-dram performance of ‘Twelve Angry Women’ – a brand new, musical, all-female take on the classic movie. When Frank discovers that Doofus has been recruited by Padraig to write the songs, he’s determined to share the limelight. But having muscled in on Doofus’ set list and with opening night approaching, Frank’s songs aren’t getting the positive responses he’d hoped - and there’s growing concern he’s based his lyrics on the wrong movie. Meanwhile, Doofus’ material is going down a storm. How far will Frank go to be the star of the show? 


Frank doesn’t react well when he learns that Mary’s planning to sell the house. The second she leaves, he locks her out and claims ownership. Joined by Doofus, Áine, Nicola and Stéphane, Frank barricades them in the house and refuses to give up his territory. But with Mary equally determined to get in, the two face off in a battle of wills. Who will give up first, and if he loses, will Frank finally have to leave home for good? Will Doofus finally get a girlfriend? And are Peter Brian and Aine really on the rocks?


It’s Frank’s birthday but, this year, Doofus, Mary and Áine have decided to gift him an intervention. His life’s stuck in a cycle, and they want him to break free. The intervention coincides with the return of one of Mary’s old flames, Liam (guest star Brendan Gleeson) – a self-described ‘wild rover’, who’s never really grown up himself, and it gives Frank the chance to see what his life will be like if he doesn’t turn things around. Will Frank make the same mistakes as Liam, or will he finally be able to break his vicious cycle?