Extreme athlete George King explores ‘Illegal Activities’ in new Channel 4 digital series

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Extreme athlete George King to explore ‘Illegal Activities’ in new Channel 4 digital series.

George will explore Kambo, Lift Surfing, Car Meets and Mines

In 2019, urban free climber George King made international headlines when he climbed The Shard without ropes. In this new short-form digital series, George King brings the cameras along with him as he meets a series of young risk-takers who often engage in potentially perilous and sometimes illegal activities, to find out what dangers they face and motivates them.

The four-part series will see George explore Kambo ceremonies, unregulated cleansing ceremonies using the poisonous secretion from the giant monkey frog, Lift Surfing, Underground Car Meets and Mines. Not only will he try to get to the bottom of what motivates these people and the dangers they face, George will also give the activities a go himself in a safe and controlled environment.

The episodes are:

Episode available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWjsnHJOkQY

George meets a Kambo practitioner to find out what a Kambo ceremony is, why it can be so dangerous and why people use it. Unplanned, George even decides to try it for himself.

Known as the act of riding on top of a lift or hanging from below, George meets one of the country’s most notorious lift surfers – Beno Lifts – who reveals why he takes on this risky activity. But first, George speaks to two lift safety experts who’ll guide him through the dangers of lift surfing.

Underground Car Meets
George is in Bristol as he attends an underground car meet, where hundreds of car enthusiasts gather and some take part in 'drifting' on public roads. He meets Lewis, who tells him what the car meets are all about and the life-threatening dangers involved.

In Cornwall, George meets Dave who spends his free time exploring abandoned underground mines. He’ll find out why Dave chooses to take these dangerous risks and has a first-hand experience at seeing what the activity involves.

The activities in these films  are extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to recreate them.

This is George King’s second digital series with Channel 4 after his popular ‘George King: Adrenaline Addicts’ in 2021, which saw George travel across the country to experience the UK’s extreme adventure scene; meeting other people who, like him, choose to undertake high adrenaline, potentially dangerous activities. The whole first series is available here.

George King’s Illegal Activities arrived on Channel 4’s YouTube channel on 31st March.