The Curse Season 2 Episode Billings

Category: Press Pack Article

Episode 1

Spain.  1985.  Eighteen months have passed and while Mick languishes in prison, Albert, Tash and Sidney escaped and have started a new life on the Costa del Crime.

Episode 2

Tash and Albert receive some unexpected visitors whose arrival threatens to upend everything they’ve built.

Episode 3

The gang head to Colombia to meet the cartel, headed by the infamous Pablo Escobar, to discuss their gold for cocaine trade. Meanwhile, Tash’s friendship blossoms with undercover Detective Thread and Sidney has an unexpected visitor at his beach bar.

Episode 4

All hell breaks loose as the gang become front page news.  Their new life in Spain is under threat, and drastic action is needed.  But it’s not long before they pass the point of no return.

Episode 5

The boys head out to sea to make the trade with the Colombians, while Tash receives an unwelcome visitor whose arrival changes everything.

Episode 6

Tash is under arrest and, as the gang ponder their next move, Albert makes a shocking discovery that forces the boys to make their final move.