Creative interviews - Krishnendu Majumdar (Producer and Co-Founder of Me+You Productions)

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How is I Am Ruth different from the previous series of I Am?

I Am Ruth is a special feature length episode of I Am – it’s a two-hour duration, making it different to other episodes.

What has the collaboration between Dominic and Kate brought to I Am Ruth?

The unique and beautiful collaboration between Dominic, one of the most
distinctive and visionary filmmakers working today, and Kate, one of the finest actors and storytellers of her generation has birthed an incredibly powerful story for our times. Their collaboration is built on a mutual belief, trust and respect for each other. They bring a level of naturalism and authenticity rarely seen on the screen.

What was it like to work with Kate and Juggle Productions?

Not only is Kate one of the finest actors of her generation, she is a brilliant producer. Kate is so experienced in production and was completely practical in what was a small scale and intimate production. Kate was a complete team player and mucked in and did whatever was necessary to make the production run smoothly.

What do you like about working with Dominic? His style is so different.

I feel incredibly lucky to work with Dominic. He is such a unique voice and visionary talent. He makes films that matter, that will be remembered. Every drama we make is different and has a multiple of challenges, but the results are there to see. They are thought provoking and say something about society and humanity.

What is the casting process for I Am Ruth?

Each episode starts with a meeting between the lead actor (Kate Winslet in this episode) and Dominic. The story comes from many meetings and is a collaboration between them. The other roles were not written with any actors in mind. Kate and Dominic fully developed the storyline together before they considered casting the roles. Dominic leads the casting process on I Am, working with esteemed Casting Director Shaheen Baig, selecting a mixture of actors and non-actors, such as real-life doctors, who add to the authenticity Dominic is striving towards.

Could you talk us through the decision to make I Am Ruth a feature-length film?

This was a discussion with Channel 4 – we all felt the story and the exceptional cast demanded the space and extra length of time in this episode.

Did you work with any mental health professionals to advise on the film?

I Am Ruth was made with the utmost care and sensitivity surrounding mental health issues. The production set out to accurately and authentically portray the serious issues raised, by consulting with a number of professional mental health experts, including psychiatrists and GPs.