Channel 4 recommissions To Catch A Copper

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Channel 4 announces a second series of To Catch a Copper, its hit three-part documentary which for the first time ever went behind the scenes of the police scrutiny system to show the bad behaviour and criminality of some officers, and how their misconduct is held to account.   

The series, which was hailed as “incredible television” (Sunday Times) and “police as you’ve never seen them before” (Observer), was watched by 3.2 million viewers and raised a national debate about internal police procedures. The 3-part series, which looked at issues of mental health, race and sexual misconduct, resulted in the Chief Constable, PCC and independent groups calling for systemic change. 

Channel 4 and Story Films are now in negotiation for a further two series, which promise to go even deeper into investigations that uncover shocking police misconduct, and the challenges of maintaining trust in British law enforcement today. 

Whilst the first series was filmed with Avon and Somerset Police, the forthcoming series will pursue new points of access.  

Commissioned by Alisa Pomeroy and Sacha Mirzoeff, these two 4x60’ series will take viewers back into this unknown area to show the most serious cases which could be officers abusing their positions of power to sexually exploit vulnerable members of the public, corruption, complaints of racial discrimination and excessive use of force. Careers and reputations are on the line with the most serious offenders facing the prospect of years in prison.  

The series which comes from Story Films (The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot, Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax, Otto Baxter: Not a Fucking Horror Story) and will be executive produced by Bruce Fletcher and Peter Beard, with Hugo Pettitt returning as Series Producer.

Peter Beard said: “We are incredibly proud of To Catch a Copper, it had a genuine impact by raising an important debate and not being afraid to ask difficult questions. We’re thrilled to be able to return to this subject.”

Sacha Mirzoeff, Commissioning Editor said “We are delighted to recommission ‘To Catch A Copper’ at scale. The first series, executed superbly by the team at Story Films, provided classic public service television - both having thrilling and engaging narratives but also posing key questions reflecting modern Britain.”

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