Channel 4 to investigate Are Women The Fitter Sex? w/t

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Channel 4 has commissioned Blink Films to investigate Are Women The Fitter Sex? Presented by Doctor Ronx, an Emergency Doctor from London’s Hackney Homerton Hospital, who takes us on a journey of discovery, interviewing researchers and patients, in search of answers. There have currently been over 20 million coronavirus cases around the world. Globally a trend has emerged, Covid-19 seems to be affecting more men than women. In fact, 60% of Covid-19 deaths are men. This one-off special will take you on a gripping journey to solve the mystery of- are women truly the fitter sex?

It’s become clear there are many other diseases where men are affected far worse than women.  This specialist factual commission will dig deeper into the differences of why women are much better at fighting disease than men, why women live longer, and why women’s immune systems are deemed to be superior to men. On the other side it will delve into why women are more commonly misdiagnosed than men, more likely to die of a heart attack. And reveal new findings that show medical research is carried out predominantly on males, meaning some medicines are less effective and even harmful to women.

Guided by Dr Ronx and world leading medical experts in the field. This evidence-based documentary will be the first to present new research, and relevant case studies that reveal a medical (female) blind spot. From drug doses, treatments, medical equipment and safety systems the data suggests these are all biased towards men. Have women’s superior immune systems hidden the fact that women are being let down by modern medicine?

Dr Ronx, presenter, said: “The Covid-19 Pandemic has made us all think about how different variables can influence health outcomes. Worldwide more men than women are dying from Covid-19 and I want to know why. What is the other sex-based variables at play here? I look forward to meeting the experts and bringing the science to an ever-increasing health conscious channel 4 audience. “

Fozia Khan, commissioning editor, said: “This eye-opening film will delve into the science behind how men and women differ in their response to disease and medical treatment and how these differences have been largely ignored. Covid-19 has highlighted the disparity between the sexes on a much larger scale and this film will dig deep to bring us new and shocking revelations that helps us understand how and why this has happened.”

Dan Chambers, co-founder and creative director of Blink Films, said: “It’s becoming increasingly clear that when it comes to disease, men and women are very different creatures. This film sets out to tackle two important questions:  why are women naturally better than men at surviving most diseases?  But why, when it comes to drugs and other medical interventions, do men tend to do better?  The answers are really startling, reveal decades of institutionalised chauvinism, and have huge implications for healthcare.”


Credit: Are Women The Fitter Sex? w/t coming soon to Channel 4

Presenter: Dr Ronx Ikharia

Executive Producer: Dan Chambers

Executive Producer: Tom Adams

Dr Ronx bio

Dr Ronx is an Emergency medicine doctor by profession. They describe themself as a queer, black, androgynous intersectional feminist. They self-funded their way through Medical School after leaving home in their teenage years. During this time, they worked part time in retail, fashion modelled, and danced in music videos to sustain their progression through medical school. They graduated from Kings College Medical School in 2011.  Their desire to train as an A&E doctor began after foundation training and then took a year out before speciality training to work as an Expedition Field Medic in India. On returning to the UK, they began their A&E career and didn’t look back.