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Channel 4 commissions landmark series The World According to Paul Dacre (w/t)

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‘Boring doesn’t pay the mortgage. Sensation does.’ Paul Dacre

Channel 4 has commissioned a landmark series, 3 X 60’, from Rogan Productions in which, for the first time, Paul Dacre will lift the lid on 26 years of being at the centre of politics, culture and newspapers as editor of the Daily Mail. Telling the extraordinary story of how he shaped the Mail as the voice of Middle England, he will share his unique insights into the events and the people who defined the front page of his newspaper: From the death of Princess Diana, the murder of Stephen Lawrence, his antagonism to the premiership of Tony Blair (when the Mail’s circulation reached its peak), the ‘chumocracy’ of David Cameron, to the championing of Brexit. 

Paul Dacre is the most influential and controversial newspaper editor of recent times. His headlines have shaped modern Britain, delivering body blows to the Establishment while championing the causes of ordinary people. Every day it hit the stands, Dacre’s Daily Mail enraged liberals, terrified politicians and captivated millions of readers.

Few eras have seen such rapid change: political, moral, social, with Dacre often positioning himself as the voice of outrage. He has been accused of many things, but never irrelevance. Under his tenure, the Daily Mail became one of the most widely read newspapers in the world. Full of insights and revelations, this ground-breaking series will be a unique journey through a quarter century of British history with the man who wrote the headlines: “Murderers” and “Take a Bow Britain!”

Paul Dacre commented in a speech to the Society of Editors that ‘No day is too short or too busy to find time to tweak the noses of the liberalocracy.’

Director James Rogan commented ‘After filming with Paul Dacre for Stephen: The Murder that Changed a Nation in 2018, I felt there was a gripping behind-the-headlines story to be told, that would uncover his journey towards becoming the most influential British journalist of our time. In his first ever extended TV interview, Paul’s story will be framed by the significant historic events that were reported, forming a fascinating insight into the world according to Paul Dacre.’

Channel 4’s Head of Factual, Danny Horan, said: ‘The question of whether Paul Dacre and the Daily Mail have set or reflected the mood of the nation over the last quarter of a century is asked all too often. For the first time, we will ask Paul Dacre himself. This will be an iconic history series that will reveal how our most revered and reviled newspaper shaped Britain. Everything we thought we knew is about to be turned on its head.’

Production Co: Rogan Productions

Director: James Rogan

Commissioned by: Danny Horan, Head of Factual