Channel 4 commissions Emergency 21 (w/t) from The Garden

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Channel 4 has commissioned a new documentary series, Emergency 21 (working title), from The Garden (24 Hours in A+E, 24 Hours in Police Custody). With an unprecedented level of access to trauma response and treatment, the series will feature the work of the London Trauma System a network of trauma care that is a safety net for 10 million people across the Capital and Home Counties.

With access to frontline emergency care to A+E, ICU, surgical theatres and rehabilitation services, Emergency 21 (w/t) is commissioned as an 8x60 series to air as two 4-part series – each stripped across a week.

The series will film 24/7 over summer 2021 – the busiest time of year for the London Trauma System – as the country emerges from Lockdown and will capture the key medical interventions and extraordinary work of the service, which has improved trauma survival rates by 50% over the last ten years.

Emergency 21 (w/t) was commissioned by Channel 4 documentary commissioning editor, Rita Daniels. The series will be made by The Garden, part of ITV Studios, with executive producers Spencer Kelly and Lucie Duxbury.

Rita Daniels said: “This is a hugely ambitious series, but with their track record I know The Garden will deliver a fantastic, intense and emotional series. I can’t wait to follow this incredible team of NHS emergency workers as they work tirelessly to keep the residents of London and the surrounding counties safe.”

Spencer Kelly added: “This privileged access will give an incredible insight into the treatment of trauma on a massive scale, but it also enables us to create the first present tense medical box-set, with dramatic storylines playing across multiple episodes.”

International distribution of Emergency 21 (w/t) will be handled by ITV Studios.




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