Change Climate Season: The Big British Beef Battle programme information

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Presenter and journalist Ade Adepitan takes a surprising and disruptive look at the impact of diet on climate change.

We’ve all heard that going vegan is the best thing for the planet. Less familiar is the message that, actually, by eating chicken instead of beef for example, you could still be massively reducing your impact on the climate.

The climate cost of beef is the highest of any food stuff – and in the UK it’s around seven times as much as something like chicken or six times as much as something like Quorn. That number jumps significantly when it comes to imported beef.

Ade looks at the science and goes on a mission to “make beef the new smoking”, and along the way learns about the type of methods and messaging that can really help his cause in his fight. He also meets a farmer who argues that British beef can be more sustainable - but has time already run out?

The Big British Beef Battle, stream or watch live Friday 1 December 8pm on Channel 4