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Bi-curious Me

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With increasingly open attitudes to sexuality, for women, in particular, interest in same sex relationships and 'bi-curiosity' are becoming more acceptable. This film explores the stories of three women as they come to terms with changes in their sexuality.

Hayley Quinn is 26 and bisexual, but has not always been. As a teenager she longed to have a traditional marriage and children, but her first partner’s open attitude to sex and relationships prompted her to explore her own sexuality. Now she dates men and women, often all at the same time.

Hayley is also a dating coach and promotes the idea that women today should be in charge of their dating lives in the same way they are in charge of their careers and finances. She encourages curious women to try having multiple partners, date other women and go after what they want on their own terms. Despite her very modern, open attitude, there is still one important man in her life. A recent partner holds a special place in heart and she meets him half way across the world – but still takes her girlfriend with her. Hayley’s approach to sexuality brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘complicated love life,’ but is she happier?

Jill is 57 and has been in a relationship with her husband for 25 years. She is about to leave him to embark on a new life, and she’s not looking for a new man.  Her children, aged 23 and 19, have only recently been told about her changing sexuality because Jill’s more pressing concerns are about leaving the family home and get a divorce.

It’s only now that her children are independent that Jill has found the confidence to take control of her life. She’s not surprised that women turn her head now rather than men. As a young women she always knew that gay women were attracted to her. It didn’t horrify her, but she didn’t act on it either. What does it mean to be leaving a heterosexual life behind you at the age of 57?

Thirty-year-old Sophie has had two significant relationships – the first with a man and the next, unexpectedly, with a woman. Sophie had always thought of herself as straight, but after her weekend encounter with a woman she began to question who she was. Having a same sex relationship raised complications for Sophie and it didn’t prove as liberating as she had hoped. Although the relationship has ended, Sophie is still working through her feelings and is not sure if she will ever be ‘out and proud’.

By exploring the stories of these three women the film digs intro the complexities of relationships today and questions whether our new found sexual freedoms makes the business of intimate relationships any easier.