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360° Diversity Charter

Channel 4 has set out a major commitment to leadership in diversity at every level of the organisation.

The 360° Charter puts diversity at the heart of all decision making at Channel 4, across all activities on and off-screen, at every level and with all external partners and independent producers. It includes 30 significant activities and covers a wide definition of diversity including BAME, disability, LGBT, gender and social mobility.

In March 2017 we published a report - 360° Diversity Charter - Two Years On - outlining our Four New Frontiers for 2017 and showing our progress against the 30 initiatives outlined in the original Charter. We launched this report in Parliament on 2 March 2017 with a keynote speech from Riz Ahmed.

360° Diversity Charter - Two Years On Report

We also produced a booklet that outlines our Year of Disability successes from 2016, where we doubled the number of disabled talent in 21 of our biggest shows, and progressed the careers of 26 disabled talent working in our industry. You can download a PDF of the report here:

Year of Disability booklet

Read our first year's progress report here:

360° Diversity Charter - One Year On Report

The full range of 30 activities set out in the 360° Diversity Charter is available here – and includes new casting initiatives for diverse roles and for actors with disabilities; a programme to increase the number of women drama directors; diverse writer schemes; and commitments focussed specifically on recruitment, mentoring and training around diversity.

Channel 4 360° Diversity Charter

Annual Diversity Conference

On 25 January 2017, Channel 4 held the second D.I.V.E.R.S.E festival at Channel 4's offices in London. The event brought together an audience, including talent, commissioners, indies and charities, to celebrate diversity in our industry and to tackle the issues we still have to face. For our second conference, we brought together gamechangers from outside our industry to see what we could learn, including luminaries from the world of politics, professional services, music and the third sector. We also heard from the chief creatives at Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Channel 5.

This conference follows on from our inaugural conference in 2016, which featured, alongside talks from the likes of Grayson Perry, the launch of a brand new peice of research "Treating men and women equally: are we nearly there yet?", an examination of gender representation and sexism towards both men and women. This study of measuring sexism is the first of its kind at a pan-broadcaster level. You can read this research online here.

Diversity at Channel 4

There is a clear moral, social and economic case for why equality and diversity matters. ‘Knowing your community' and responding to its diverse needs is at the heart of effective public service delivery.
Diversity in TV and the media is a top priority for us at Channel 4. A key part of our remit is to appeal to people whatever their culture, nationality, religious persuasion, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, gender, race or age.

On screen, we approach our commitment to diversity at Channel 4 in two ways: through the creative partners with whom we work, and through the talent and themes reflected on our screens. The broader and more diverse our range of creative partners, the greater the range of people and perspectives we cater for with our content. A central ambition of our investment strategy has been to boost creative diversity. This means supporting a diverse range of programmes made by a diverse range of independent companies, and content that celebrates the many communities in modern Britain.

We also pride ourselves on the wide range of people we employ. Not only does this reflect our audience more accurately, it also promotes the variety of creative thinking and programming that have made Channel 4 what it is today.

In essence, we want to respect people for who not what they are. People should be judged on how they do their job and what they bring to the table. We aim to foster an environment in which everyone feels free to contribute without fear and to maximise their potential. This way, we can get the very best from everyone, whichever side of the screen they sit. So we're constantly looking for ways to help more people from diverse backgrounds break into the industry. We're not just talking on-screen either, but all the other areas it takes to keep a media business going: production, creative, planning, press relations, commissioning, HR, finance, commercial, new media and so on.

Please see Channel 4’s 2015 Annual Report for more detail and examples of our commitment to diversity.

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New Talent and Development

At Channel 4 we run a number of entry and mid-level programmes that sponsor diversity and development of skills in the broadcasting media industry. These are defined in the ‘Channel 4's Arrangements to Promote Training and Equal Opportunities’ document below.
To find out more about our talent schemes and jobs currently available at Channel 4 visit the 4Talent website.

Read Channel 4's Arrangements to Promote Training and Equal Opportunities

Creative Diversity

Channel 4 has a world class reputation for creative diversity in the content of its programmes, production and online services. For more info on how Channel 4 encourages creative diversity please go to our Commissioning site, which summarises the ways that C4 ensures diversity of supply and onscreen innovation.

Industry Networks

We are a founder and active member of the Creative Diversity Network (CDN). The CDN is a coalition between the biggest names in broadcasting including the BBC, ITV, Sky, BAFTA, Five, ITN, Skillset, Turner, Virgin and MTV, all working together to promote diversity, both on and off screen. The CDN was previously known as the Cultural Diversity Network until it's convergence with the Broadcasting and Creative Industries Network (BCIDN) in September 2011. As a result, the CDN has an even wider remit to include all aspects of diversity, including disability, gender, and age.

Channel 4's Equality Reporting

Channel 4 is 100% committed to celebrating diversity in all its forms as well as the promotion of equality of gender, race, disability and cultural diversity. Our Equality Scheme sets out how we make that happen, over and above our statutory requirements, and outlines many of the proactive activities in these areas both inside Channel 4 and outside with the wider community.

Read Channel 4's Equality Duty Compliance Report 2016

Read Channel 4's Equality Objectives 2016