Country: Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

My arrival into Cairo was exhilarating!

Walking into the largest city in the Middle East and the second largest in Africa I was struck by the hustle and bustle of Egypt's vibrant Capital.

Waiting for me on the Qasr al-Nil Bridge bridge were several TV crews and journalists eager to talk about the expedition. After a couple of interviews I bid them farewell and started off again, eager to see what the city had to offer.

The film crew will be with me until I reach the finish line in Rosetta and we've got a lot planned.

My first glimpse inside the pyramids of Giza was breath taking then it was straight off to the Nileometer, once ancient Egypt's way of measuring the Nile's water levels.

Today we visited a Cairene fisherman called Hamed, who lives and works with his wife and 3 daughters on a tiny rowing boat on the Nile.

The boat couldn’t have been more than 20 foot long, and yet the family ate, slept, cooked and even watched TV in this tiny space, on the Nile right in the middle of Cairo; it was surreal to see.