Walking the Nile


  • Day 102 - The Road to Obongi

    As the Nile terrain becomes thicker with vegetation the team encounter swamps en route to Obongi

  • Day 90 - Croc Encounters

    Exploring the endless wildlife variety within Murchison Falls National Park, Lev and Boston get closer than ever to one of the world's most dangerous animals

  • Day 86 - 89 Poachers in Murchison

    A few days in to walking through the park and the team experience life with the rangers and their daily struggle against poachers

  • Day 85 - The Beauty of the Falls

    Conquering the heat and forest terrain, the travellers finally make it to the top of the astonishing Murchison Falls

  • Day 83 & 84 - The Wildlife of Murchison

    Two days in to Murchison Falls National Park and the team are experiencing the abundance of wildlife, beauty and harsh truths the park has to offer

  • Day 82 - Into the Wild

    Lev and the team arrive at the beginning of Murchison Falls National Park a vast area of natural habitat, home to a wealth of rare and endangered wildlife

  • Day 80 & 81 - Ash and Dust

    Heading North, the walkers see how the pressure on the land from cattle grazing takes its toll

  • Day 78 & 79 - Hotel History

    Lev takes a break in Uganda's oldest hotel, once the haunt of Hemingway, Hepburn and Bogart

  • Day 76 & 77 - Swamps of Lake Kyoga

    Travelling along the shores of Lake Kyoga proves difficult for the team as they encounter swamps

  • Day 75 - Lev and Florence

    After rescuing baby monkey Florence, Lev sets about to find a monkey sanctuary where she can be looked after