Walking the Nile


  • Day 34 - A Break in Bukoba

    Taking a day away from the trail, Lev explores Bukoba and finds himself walking in a strange labyrinth of concrete steps that are very different from the long straight roads of recent days...

  • Day 32 & 33 - Under "Scrutiny"

    A trying and tiring few days for Lev and Boston as they continue through the border badlands between Tanzania and Uganda

  • Day 30 & 31

    Catching up after a couple of days' patchy communications, Lev tells of being stalked through the Tanzanian bush

  • Day 29 - Reaching Uganda

    New Year's Day is quiet in Tanzania, and Lev and Boston reach the Ugandan border

  • Day 28 - A Happy New Year

    A short New Year greeting from Lev and Boston as 2013 draws to a close

  • Day 27 - Late Night, Early Start

    After yesterday's variable (yet eventful) accommodation issues, Lev and Boston "enjoyed" a poor night's rest that meant an early start as they head north on the long dust road toward the border

  • Day 26 - Mixed Hospitality

    Lev and Boston made good progress today - right up until the moment they got told to leave the district...

  • Day 25 - Kagera

    Lev and Boston continue North through Tanzania's Kagera region

  • Day 24 - Back to Business

    After a lighthearted Christmas celebration, Lev and Boston say goodbye to Dr Will, and the mood becomes more serious as they continue into Tanzania

  • Day 22 - Happy Christmas

    Communication from the Tanzanian plains let Lev down today, but even without photography or video, he still managed to send his best wishes