Country: Rwanda

The swamp below
The land around the river is impenetrable swamp, and so Lev and Boston's route has led them into the hills to the North of the river.

They have been rewarded by fantastic vistas stretching far into the distance, but have also attracted more formal attention than the curiosity they have excited in local people on their journey. There is no significant tension on the border, but anything out of the ordinary is likely to be noticed by the authorities, in this case military ones.

Lev and Boston are making good progress, and are already ahead of their original schedule despite the rains been more disruptive than was hoped in the first week. But in comparison to some of the territory ahead this is easy going.

Lev says: 'Hilly day today. Awesome views from 1600m over the vast prehistoric swamp where Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda meet. We had to skirt around, staying high. More of a military presence here due to the proximity of borders and we've been questioned by intelligence officers a couple of times now.'"align="left

Latest Position

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The goats here are muzzled to prevent them eating everything, or at least those things that they're not supposed to eat (such as the tethers that keep them secure at night. When they're taken out in the morning the muzzles are removed and they eat their fill.