Country: Rwanda

The journey through the Wetlands of Rwanda continues. This summer Rwanda hosted a five-day international conference on the management of wetlands, a measure of this area's importance both to the country, and also to the continent.

Whether plain, mountain, forest or marsh, a recurring theme in contemporary Africa is the balance between development and environment. The continent is obviously not alone in this, but perhaps if the balance can be successfully struck here there will be lessons for other parts of the world to learn.

The balance between human and environment also preoccupied Lev today:

Lev says: 'Great views over lake Sake although still no croc or hippo sightings yet. A strong day today weaving between the lakes.

Gathering crops
School is out in Rwanda, but this does not mean that the many children Lev encounters are enjoying their leisure.Lev says: "For the local kids, school holidays mean working on the harvest."

The sight of the walkers offers a brief respite from work, but the children and their families have little time to spare for curiosity. The harvest has an urgency that cannot wait.

Shelter for the night
The team have made good progress, but are still glad to find shelter for the night. Being welcomed into a village saves time and effort setting up and taking down tents, and the dry ground is a welcome change to the muddy progress of the day.

The tangle of lakes around them mean that the route must be chosen carefully. At times the main river becomes twisted among the streams and swamps.

Lev says: 'Covered 33.6km today and managed to find shelter just before a huge downpour of rain. Staying in a hut near the border with Burundi which I can see just across lake Rweru.