Country: Rwanda

The narrow valleys upstream of Kigali have widened into a broader flood plain. The meandering turns in the river are larger and no longer surrounded by fields; they have been replaced by papyrus swamp that is knee deep in the floodwater of the rains.

As you can see in the video, the walking is no longer along dry or even muddy tracks. It is a hard slog; boots are heavy with water, each pace is a strength-sapping slosh rather than a stride, and every step must be made into cloudy mud that may conceal potholes or ankle-twisting ruts. Then there are the mosquitoes, the rising temperature and the humidity...

Lev says : 'Done 31km today through lots of swamp - joined by expedition doctor Will Charlton. Land is flatter now but difficult to access the river due to papyrus marsh. Struggling for water but hope to find some tonight.

Boston and Lev are no doubt glad of Will's company, but the doctor may have picked a poor time to join the expedition. In comparison to the first week, the coming days are likely to prove more of a test of endurance. The map below shows the position of Lev's campsite tonight - the route ahead lies to the south-east, between a loose collection of lakes that are joined by...more swamp.

Finding clean water will not be the only challenge. Among the lakes, simply finding a dry campsite each night may be difficult, as the country becomes less-populated and villages are fewer and further between.

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