Walking the Nile


  • Day 18 - Rusumo Bridge, Rusumo Falls

    Today Lev reached the end of his time in Rwanda and walked across Rusumo Bridge into Tanzania, his route following in the footsteps of thousands of desperate Rwandans that fled their homeland in 1994

  • Day 17 - Back to School

    A hard day of walking ended with Lev and Boston settling down to sleep in a schoolhouse

  • Day 16 - Border Country

    Lev, Boston and Will move out of the Wetlands and back to the hills as the river becomes the border

  • Day 15 - Dodging Downpours

    Lev, Boston and Will made good progress but the rainy season is stretching longer than hoped; dodging downpours was the order of the day

  • Day 14 - Into the Wetlands

    Lev, Boston and Will walk from the swamps at the fringe into the wetlands themselves. The mountains are distant, and the papyrus surrounds them now

  • Day 13 - Luck isn't a Factor

    The paved streets of Kigali seem a long way away; the first major swamps the expedition has encountered are likely to set the pattern for the coming days, and the going is hard

  • Day 12 - Exit Kigali, Enter Swamp...

    After Kigali, Lev's back under canvas tonight and the going's getting harder

  • Days 9-11 Kigali

    Despite the difficulties created by the elements this week, Lev and Boston arrived in Kigali ahead of schedule

  • Day 8 – The River Rises

    Last night was unexpectedly eventful for Lev and Boston as they were rudely roused by the river Nile

  • Day 7 - The Sun and the Rain...

    Lev and Boston are following the twists and turns in the river as it folds its way through the valleys of Rwanda, and finding the going a little easier than the camera crew that has followed their first week...