Walking the Himalayas

  • Episode 1

    Levison and his guide Malang start their trek in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor, where few Westerners have been, before heading for the 5000-metre wall of snow and ice that leads to northern Pakistan

  • Episode 2

    Levison and Malang traverse breathtaking scenery in northern Pakistan's remote mountain valleys, meeting tribespeople and nomads, before heading to the heavily militarised frontier with India

  • Episode 3

    Levison reaches Nepal, and enters one of its least explored national parks, which is home to rhinos, tigers and 10-foot-long crocodiles. But animals aren't the only dangers he faces...

  • Episode 4

    After recovering from the car crash that almost killed him, Levison returns to Nepal, where he has an emotional reunion with Binod's family, then heads towards Everest, Kathmandu and Bhutan

  • Episode 5

    Levison and Binod reach Bhutan, where visitor numbers are strictly limited. They get a rare chance to experience its dramatic scenery, colourful festivals and historic monasteries and meet its people.

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    Extra: Dead Goat Polo

    Racing on horseback after a goat carcass, Lev plays the national sport of Afghanistan: buzkashi

    This episode is subtitled3 mins 12
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    Extra: Lev's Himalayan Haul

    Back at home, Lev reflects on his journey, giving us an exclusive look at the memorabilia he collected

    This episode is subtitled2 mins 59