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Pregnant Haitian refugees face an immigration crackdown at Dominican Republic hospitals

First shown: Fri 12 Apr 2024 | 24 mins

Haiti: Pregnant and on the Run

A battle's raging across the USA with college students divided by the conflict in Gaza

First shown: Fri 29 Mar 2024 | 24 mins

Campus Wars USA

A look at how Sweden has become a deadly hot spot for drug-war gun crime

First shown: Fri 1 Dec 2023 | 24 mins

Sweden: A Gangster's Paradise

A woman claiming to be Europe's most powerful witch bids to open a witch school in Romania

First shown: Fri 24 Nov 2023 | 24 mins

Inside Romania's Witch School

Krishnan Guru-Murthy meets the Taiwanese civilians preparing for Chinese invasion

First shown: Fri 10 Nov 2023 | 24 mins

Taiwan - Prepping for War

Inside Mexico's illegal pet scene, where owning a lion or tiger is a lifestyle accessory

First shown: Fri 27 Oct 2023 | 24 mins

Mexico's Exotic Pet Trade

Did a Kenyan preacher cause hundreds of people to take their lives, or was it mass murder?

First shown: Fri 20 Oct 2023 | 24 mins

Kenya's Christian Death Cult

In Tennessee, drag queens performing for children have created a political flashpoint

First shown: Fri 19 May 2023 | 24 mins

Drag Queen Culture Wars

More and more leopards are attacking humans as expanding cities impinge on hunting grounds

First shown: Fri 12 May 2023 | 24 mins

India's Leopard Attacks

Rising regional tensions are threatening a North Korean community in Kyoto's way of life

First shown: Fri 28 Apr 2023 | 24 mins

Inside Little North Korea

From Brazil, an investigation into unlawfully mined gold and tainted smart phones

First shown: Fri 21 Apr 2023 | 24 mins

Your Phone's Dirty Gold

A couple prepare a bank raid to get their savings out amid Lebanon's desperate bank crisis

First shown: Fri 14 Apr 2023 | 24 mins

The Bank Raiders of Beirut

A report from Mexico on Bufo, a psychedelic drug derived from toad venom

First shown: Fri 9 Dec 2022 | 24 mins

Mexico's Psychedelic Toads

Seyi Rhodes explores Kenya's violent and deadly food wars amid shortages and drought

First shown: Fri 2 Dec 2022 | 24 mins

Kenya's Bandits and Poachers

A front row seat in Gaza's undercover and risky art scene. From 2022.

First shown: Fri 25 Nov 2022 | 24 mins

Gaza: Daring to Dream

In rural Guatemala, a report on a silent crisis of abuse and child pregnancies

First shown: Fri 11 Nov 2022 | 24 mins

Teen Mums: Pregnant and Trapped

From claims of bullying to dangerous head injuries, a look at the darker side of sumo

First shown: Fri 4 Nov 2022 | 24 mins

Secrets of Sumo Wrestling

A detective and armed bounty hunters try to rescue teens from a sex trafficking underworld

First shown: Fri 28 Oct 2022 | 24 mins

Children for Sale: USA's Underage Sex Trade

Fatima Manji meets the policewomen taking on Pakistan's gender violence epidemic

First shown: Fri 13 May 2022 | 24 mins

Female Crime Fighters

A report from St Louis, USA, where a fentanyl epidemic is killing more people than Covid

First shown: Fri 29 Apr 2022 | 24 mins

Addicted America