True Horror

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    Episode 1 - Hellfire Farm

    In an idyllic country farmhouse in rural Wales, a young family are tormented by a haunting that reaches a terrifying climax

    This episode is audio describedSome graphic images and scenes some viewers may find disturbingThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Episode 2 - Ghost in the Wall

    A young mother fights her dead father-in-law, who has returned from the dead to steal his grand-children

    This episode is audio describedStorng language and scenes some viewers may find upsettingThis episode is subtitled46 mins
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    Episode 3 - Terror in the Woods

    Two prank-obsessed teenagers spend the night in a haunted wood. They find themselves surrounded by weird scary phenomena, some of which follows them home.

    This episode is audio describedStrong languageThis episode is subtitled47 mins