Triathlon hit the headlines this summer, with the success of Team GB in the Rio 2016 Olympic triathlon and some fantastic racing on home soil in the British Elite Triathlon Championships at Tri Liverpool.

But it’s not just a sport for elite athletes, but has great roots for people of all abilities and British Triathlon is on a mission to prove it. To use the momentum from the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games and hit the ground running - and swimming and cycling – to turn inspiration into participation with the help of the #YourGOTRI campaign.

#YOURGOTRI looks to challenge the myth that triathlon is too challenging, intimidating and expensive and spread the message that anyone who completes a swim, cycle and run at any level is by definition a triathlete.

#YOURGOTRI helps you to select an achievable swim/cycle/run combination to suit your strengths and create your own personal triathlon experience. With options including - trip to the pool - spin in the gym - and - jog around the block - you can pick from a range of different activity levels in each of the three triathlon elements and you’ll be supported and encouraged with helpful motivational tips along the way.

If you’re looking for further opportunities to participate in triathlon, why not try a GO TRI training session or event? With reasonably priced, manageable distances on offer nationwide, there’s a beginner friendly event local to you.

In addition to offering entry level events the GO TRI website is full of useful guides with training plans, nutrition advice, race day tips and much more. The British Triathlon website is also a great place to look for local clubs, events and opportunities to get involved in the sport. Looking for more inspiration? Check out the GO TRI + Tri Liverpool beginner highlights