Time Team
Series 7 Episode 7

After three days excavating a medieval cathedral under Coventry city centre, Time Team discovers a burial chamber and a major historical find: the skeleton of one of Coventry's first Priors

Denia: Tony and the experts turn their backs on Benidorm to travel to the small port of Denia

First shown: Sun 2 Jan 2000 | 50 mins

Cirencester: The Mosaic at the Bottom of the Garden: The enthusiastic residents of Chester Street find out what it's like to be on Time Team

First shown: Sun 9 Jan 2000 | 50 mins

Wierre-Effroy: Time Team excavate the Spitfire that pilot Paul Klipsch flew across the Channel in 1940

First shown: Sun 16 Jan 2000 | 50 mins

Waddon: Time Team descend on the tiny village of Wadden in Dorset, to examine some pottery

First shown: Sun 23 Jan 2000 | 50 mins

Birdoswald: Tony Robinson and the Team travel to the Roman fort of Birdoswald in Cumbria

First shown: Sun 30 Jan 2000 | 50 mins

Elveden: Time Team are in search of a major early Stone Age site at Elveden, Suffolk

First shown: Sun 6 Feb 2000 | 50 mins

Coventry: Time Team discovers a burial chamber under Coventry city centre

First shown: Sun 13 Feb 2000 | 51 mins

Basing House: The Team rubs shoulders with royalty when they visit Basing House in Hampshire

First shown: Sun 20 Feb 2000 | 50 mins

Flag Fen: The Team travel back to the Bronze Age to Flag Fen in Cambridgeshire

First shown: Sun 27 Feb 2000 | 50 mins

Sutton, Hereford: Time Team head for Herefordshire in search of the Royal palace of Anglo-Saxon King Offa

First shown: Sun 5 Mar 2000 | 50 mins