Time Team

    • Episode 1 - The Forgotten Gunners of WWI

      Golfers at a popular East Midlands golf club now know that a huge wooded bank beside their fairway is a rather special area of 'rough', an old machine gun firing range

    • Episode 2 - Brancaster

      Time Team returns, starting with an episode featuring the Team's largest ever range and number of items from Roman Britain and their most ambitious geophysics project to date

    • Episode 3 - A Capital Hill

      Time Team investigate a huge hill near Cardiff that may be immensely significant; was it the Iron Age capital of South Wales? Tony and the Team have just three days to answer some very big questions.

    • Episode 4 - Henham's Lost Mansions

      Tony and the Team help charismatic Hektor Rous, the son of 'Aussie Earl' Keith Rous, piece together the mysterious history of the family's Tudor country home in Suffolk

    • Episode 5 - Warriors

      In a sensational three days, an ancient site on Salisbury Plain yields burials dating back to 2000BC, along with rare Saxon brooches, beads, spears and jewellery

    • Episode 6 - Lost Mines of Lakeland

      Tony and the Team head both higher and deeper than they've ever dug before, as they explore a forgotten piece of our industrial heritage: Elizabethan copper mining in the Lake District

    • Episode 7 - Horseshoe Hall

      Time Team investigate Oakham Castle in Rutland. It's Britain's best preserved 12th-century building but its grounds are full of mysterious lumps and bumps crying out to be investigated.

    • Episode 8 - Mystery of the Thames-side Villa

      In the 1960s, a young PhD student decided to excavate a South Oxfordshire field where a farmer was regularly ploughing up Roman remains. Time Team aim to finish the job started 50 years ago.

    • Episode 9 - The Lost Castle of Dundrum

      Tony and the Team search for the remains of a renegade knight's Norman castle in one of Northern Ireland's most picturesque spots

    • Episode 10 - Wolsey's Lost Palace

      In the 1950s a group of schoolboys found the remains of Britain's most opulent palace under their playing field. Now Tony and the Team try to piece together this massive Tudor puzzle.

    • Episode 11 - An Englishman's Castle

      When Steve and Pru bought pretty Upton Castle in Pembrokeshire they weren't sure if it was a Victorian folly or an Anglo-Norman castle, built to defend 'Little England beyond Wales' from the locals

    • Episode 12 - The Time Team Guide to Experimental Archaeology

      Tony Robinson celebrates the 150 experiments and re-creations Time Team has conducted over 20 years, from Stone Age swords like Excalibur, to building an entire Iron Age house

    • Episode 13 - Twenty Years of Time Team

      In this special celebration of the nation's favourite archaeology programme, Tony Robinson relives the best bits from two decades and 230 episodes