Time Team

    • Episode 1 - Dig by Wire

      Tony Robinson and the Team visit a tiny windswept island off the coast of Wales. It seems that Gateholm Island was once inhabited, but whether by Romans, Vikings, Celts or druids nobody knows.

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    • Episode 2 - A Village Affair

      There's a problem in Bitterley. The village's school and cottages cluster prettily around the green. But the church and the manor house lie half a mile away, on the other side of a bumpy empty field.

    • Episode 3 - The Drowned Town

      Tony Robinson and the Team head to Dunwich, a village that's falling off the edge of the UK due to coastal erosion

    • Episode 4 - The First King of Racing

      Tony and the Team visit Newmarket, the birthplace of horseracing, in search of the earliest archaeological traces of the sport of kings

    • Episode 5 - Chapel of Secrets

      Tony leads the Team to the village of Beadnell on a beautiful stretch of the Northumbrian coast, to explore an unusual promontory, from which fragments of human bone have emerged over recent years

    • Episode 6 - A Copper Bottomed Dig

      Swansea led the world in copper smelting 200 years ago, but today there's almost nothing to be seen of this unique heritage. So Tony and the Team investigate one of the first copper works.

    • Episode 7 - The Only Earl Is Essex

      Property magnate Paul Whight is so keen to know everything he can about the history of his home that he's rashly invited Tony Robinson and Time Team in to do their worst

    • Episode 8 - Secrets of the Dunes

      Kenfig appears to have been a thriving commercial success but then it disappeared, leaving just castle walls to mark its existence. The Team have three days to find out the size of this lost town.

    • Episode 9 - Rome's Wild West

      Tony and the Team help archaeologists from Cardiff University to examine a new discovery at Caerleon Roman legionary fort in Wales. Did this military outpost also serve another purpose?

    • Episode 10 - How to Lose a Castle

      For generations a family of Somerset farmers have been wondering if there was ever actually a castle on top of the hill they call Castle Hill

    • Episode 11 - King John's Lost Palace

      The residents of Clipstone village in Nottinghamshire believe some impressive ruins in a farmer's field may have played a part in the ancient tales of Robin Hood and Bad King John

    • Episode 12 - The Time Team Guide to Burial

      Tony Robinson investigates how burial customs have changed and evolved over thousands of years of British history

    • Episode 13 - Time Team's Greatest Discoveries

      Tony Robinson adjudicates the debate to find Time Team's greatest discovery in an episode featuring fine jewellery, gold coins, intricate mosaics, and extraordinary archaeological fakery