Time Team

    • Episode 1 - Reservoir Rituals

      Tony and the Team celebrate their 200th dig by unearthing the first stone henge to be discovered in Britain for a century, as they visit Dartmoor

    • Episode 2 - Saxon Death, Saxon Gold

      The Team go to Leicestershire to investigate life and death in Anglo Saxon Britain. The Team are intrigued by metal finds and pottery, which suggest they're on the site of a high-status burial ground.

    • Episode 3 - Romans on the Range

      A series of mosaics first discovered 150 years ago in Somerset hint at a grand villa, but the site's been in constant use by the army so no one's had a chance to examine them... until now

    • Episode 4 - Hitler's Island Fortress

      For the first time, Tony chooses the site for investigation: a German anti-aircraft battery built during the Nazis' five-year occupation of Jersey

    • Episode 5 - The Furnace in the Forest

      Dense and tranquil woodland in the County Durham countryside seems an unlikely venue for Time Team's investigation into the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution

    • Episode 6 - Under the Gravestones

      The Team are digging through the graveyard of St Kyneburgha's in Castor, Cambridgeshire in search of what could be one of the largest Roman structures ever built in Britain

    • Episode 7 - The House of the White Queen

      Groby Old Hall in Leicestershire may appear run-down now but it once belonged to one of the most powerful families in Britain. The Team help its new owners to discover its history.

    • Episode 8 - Castles and Cannons

      The Team head to Jersey to investigate the origins of Mont Orgueil Castle. The castle that dominates the shore is a Tudor structure built on earlier foundations which require investigation.

    • Episode 9 - The Mystery of the Manor Moat

      The Team descend on the historic Llancaich manor house to investigate an archaeologist's dream. An ancient moat has been discovered in the next field and no one knows what it once protected.

    • Episode 10 - Search for the Domesday Mill

      When Stephen and Stephanie Fry bought a few acres of prime Somerset pasture to graze their horses, they inadvertently also bought the remains of Buck Mill, an 18th-century water mill