Time Team

    • Episode 1 - Hunting King Harold, Portskewett, South Wales

      The Team head for the intriguingly named Harold's Field in South Wales, where local legend has it that King Harold built a hunting lodge. But is there any truth in the tale?

    • Episode 2 - Street of the Dead, Binchester, County Durham

      Tony and the Team dig at a huge Roman fort in County Durham, revealing an extensive cemetery

    • Episode 3 - 5000 Tons of Stone, Hamsterley, County Durham

      In County Durham, Tony and the Team investigate a massive stone structure, known locally as The Castles, which has baffled people for centuries. Can the Team work out what it is?

    • Episode 4 - The Romans Recycle, Wickenby, Lincolnshire

      Tony and the Team head off the beaten track in Lincolnshire to discover why a metal detector enthusiast has discovered hundreds of Roman and Iron Age finds in a muddy field

    • Episode 5 - Bodies in the Dunes, Outer Hebrides

      Tony and the Team travel to the Hebridean island of Barra, where a storm ripped apart one of the dunes, revealing Bronze Age burials

    • Episode 6 - Gold in the Moat, Codnor Castle, Derbyshire

      Tony and the Team unearth some incredible finds at Codnor Castle in Derbyshire, a medieval fortress once grand enough to host royal visits

    • Episode 7 - The Naughty Nuns of Northampton, Towcester, Northamptonshire

      Tony and the Team investigate the site of 900-year-old Sewardsley Priory, where a small, impoverished nunnery's nuns were accused of witchcraft, begging and debauchery

    • Episode 8 - Blitzkrieg on Shooters Hill, London

      Tony and the Team visit a south London suburb to unearth the hidden archaeology of the biggest British battle that never was: the defences against a feared Nazi invasion in 1940

    • Episode 9 - Saxons on the Edge, Stonton Wyville, Leicestershire

      In Leicestershire, Tony and the Team uncover the rarest of archaeological finds: an Anglo-Saxon settlement, discovered when locals found pieces of 1200-year-old pottery in a field

    • Episode 10 - Keeping Up with the Georgians, Hunstrete, Somerset

      In a field just outside Bath, the Team investigate the remains of what could have been one of the country's finest Georgian houses

    • Episode 11 - Mysteries of the Mosaic, Coberley, Gloucestershire

      Tony and the Team unearth the secrets of a field in the Cotswolds where Roman coins and a section of mosaic floor have been found

    • Episode 12 - From Constantinople to Cornwall, Padstow, North Cornwall

      Tony and the Team visit Cornwall to work out why a wealth of 1500-year-old pottery and metalwork from as far away as North Africa and Turkey has been found in a Padstow field

    • Episode 13 - The Fort of the Earls, Dungannon, Northern Ireland

      The Team dig into the stronghold of the O'Neill clan on a hill above the city of Dungannon in Northern Ireland; a castle seized by English forces in 1602