Time Team

    • Episode 1 - Finds in the Fairway, Isle of Man

      Tony Robinson and the team head to a golf course on the Isle of Man to investigate the remains of a keeill: a small stone chapel, possibly built by the Vikings

    • Episode 2 - There's No Place Like Rome, Blacklands, Somerset

      Tony Robinson and the archaeological team are called in to investigate a small Roman villa unearthed in a field in Somerset that may not be all it appears

    • Episode 3 - School Diggers, Hooke Court, Dorset

      Tony and the team head to Hooke Court in Dorset, a moated manor house with a mysterious past, determined to find out exactly how old it is and who once lived there

    • Episode 4 - The Druids' Last Stand, Anglesey

      Tony Robinson and team visit the island of Anglesey to investigate a previously unknown site that could be a remnant from a lost world dominated by the Druids

    • Episode 5 - Shorncliffe Redoubt, Sandgate, Kent

      Time Team investigates the history of the Shorncliffe Redoubt, piecing together how its design and use as a training ground for troops helped to develop the modern army and defend the coast

    • Episode 6 - A Port and Stilton, Stilton, Cambridgeshire

      After a beautifully preserved Roman cheese press is discovered near the town of Stilton, Time Team can't resist going to investigate

    • Episode 7 - A Tale of Two Villages, Wicken, Northamptonshire

      Tony Robinson and the Team are in the village of Wicken on the edge of Milton Keynes, where evidence of a Saxon community begins to emerge

    • Episode 8 - No Stone Unturned, Warburton, Cheshire

      A fantastic array of Roman finds brings Tony Robinson and the team to a field in Cheshire to investigate what looks like an unknown Roman settlement

    • Episode 9 - The Domesday Mill, Dotton Mill, Devon

      Tony Robinson and the Team are at the river Otter in Devon to dig for a watermill that is recorded in The Domesday Book of 1086

    • Episode 10 - The Cheyne Gang, Chesham Bois, Bucks

      Archaeologists in Chesham believe they've found the remains of a medieval building under the manicured lawns of a Georgian house. Could it be the manor house of the infamous Cheyne family?

    • Episode 11 - Road to the Relics, Godstone, Surrey

      Six hundred Roman coins, 40 brooches and a peculiar piece of metal lead Tony and the Team to a Surrey field. Could it be the site of an unknown Roman temple?

    • Episode 12 - The Abbey Habit, Poulton, Cheshire

      Tony and the Team travel to Cheshire looking for a long-lost Abbey. Poulton was once home to a small community of Cistercian monks, who founded an Abbey on the banks of the river Dee.

    • Episode 13 - In the Shadow of the Tor, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

      Tony Robinson and the Team descend on the bleak landscape of Bodmin Moor to examine a vast, mysterious 300-metre-long stone structure