Time Team

    • Episode 1 - The Bodies in the Shed, Northamptonshire

      Tony and the Team travel to Glendon Hall in Northamptonshire to unravel the mystery of the human skeletons found under an outbuilding.

    • Episode 2 - Villas Out of Molehills, Withington, Gloucestershire

      A colony of moles keeps bringing up pieces of mosaic floor in a Cotswold field. Could these excavations be linked to an important nearby Roman villa?

    • Episode 3 - Rubble at the Mill, Manchester

      Time Team sets to work uncovering Manchester's first cotton mill, built by one of the fathers of the Industrial Revolution, Richard Arkwright

    • Episode 4 - The First Tudor Palace? Esher, Surrey

      In Surrey's stockbroker belt stands Wayneflete Tower, all that remains of a grand early Tudor palace. Can the Team uncover enough to tell the story of the whole site?

    • Episode 5 - The Boat on the Rhine, Utrecht

      Time Team have been invited by Dutch archaeologists to help rescue a 35-metre-long perfectly preserved Roman barge that once sailed the river Rhine.

    • Episode 6 - Court of the Kentish King, Eastry, Kent

      Tony and the Team descend on the orchards of Kent to search for the lost Anglo-Saxon palace of Eastry, and discover not one but two likely contenders

    • Episode 7 - The Monks' Manor, Brimham, Yorkshire Dales

      Time Team travels to the Yorkshire Dales to meet Chris and Barbara Bradley on their farm and try to solve a challenging archaeological jigsaw puzzle

    • Episode 8 - Castle in the Round, Queenborough, Kent

      The Time Team travels to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent to investigate the remains of Queenborough Castle, the last royal castle to be built in the medieval period.

    • Episode 9 - Sussex Ups and Downs, Blackpatch, Sussex

      Time Team travels to the South Downs in Sussex to investigate a Stone Age landscape that includes 6000-year-old flint mines.

    • Episode 10 - Birthplace of the Confessor, Islip, Oxfordshire

      Time Team descends upon the sleepy Oxfordshire village of Islip in search of a medieval chapel dedicated to Edward the Confessor

    • Episode 11 - Early Bath, Ffrith, North Wales

      The Time Team descend on the village of Ffrith in North Wales to discover whether it is built on the remains of a Roman mining town.

    • Episode 12 - Scotch Broch, Applecross, Near Skye

      The Team have been invited to Applecross in north-west Scotland to excavate a broch; a monumental stone tower that is one of the largest Iron Age structures in Britain

    • Episode 13 - The Taxman's Tavern, Alfoldean, Sussex

      Tony and the team travel to Alfoldean in Sussex to uncover a mansio, an official Roman coaching inn located on Stane Street - now the A29.