Time Team

    • Episode 1 - The Manor That's Back to Front, Chenies Manor

      Tony and the Team visit Chenies Manor as they hope to discover what the house would have looked like when Henry VIII stayed there

    • Episode 2 - The Monastery and the Mansion, Nether Poppleton, Yorkshire

      The team investigate mysterious mounds that surround a Yorkshire village. Could they be the remains of an Anglo-Saxon saint's nunnery?

    • Episode 3 - The Bombers in the Marsh, Preston, Lancashire

      Time Team join a group of experts to try and solve the mystery of why two Douglas A26 Invader American bombers collided with each other just after take-off in November 1944

    • Episode 4 - Fighting on the Frontier, Drumlanrig, Dumfries and Galloway

      Twenty years ago, the Duke of Buccleuch discovered that the remains of a Roman fort might lie a few hundred metres from his home, Drumlanrig Castle near Dumfries. Time Team start digging.

    • Episode 5 - A Neolithic Cathedral? Northborough, Peterborough

      A huge circular crop mark lies in the fens near Peterborough and archaeologists believe it is Neolithic. Is it a farming settlement or a crucial religious site? Time Team investigate.

    • Episode 6 - In Search of Henry V's Flagship, Grace Dieu

      Under the murky fast-flowing waters of the River Hamble near Southampton lies the skeleton of a great medieval warship. Is it the Grace Dieu, Henry V's naval flagship?

    • Episode 7 - Going Upmarket with the Romans, Standish, Gloucestershire

      Tony Robinson and the Team search for a lost Roman villa in a field near Standish in Gloucestershire

    • Episode 8 - Picts and Hermits: Cave Dwellers of Fife

      Time Team provide some fascinating answers about the inhabitants of the legendary Wemyss Caves on Fife that are now under serious threat from erosion

    • Episode 9 - Lost Centuries of St Osyth, St Osyth, Essex

      The Team have three days to redraw the map of the picturesque town of St Osyth in Essex and establish whether the timbers found in the creek are the remains of a medieval wharf

    • Episode 10 - The Puzzle of Pickett's Farm, South Perrott, Dorset

      Time Team heads to Dorset, inspired by the intriguing discovery of Roman brooches and coins in a hilltop field, but what they find isn't the Roman Temple they had imagined

    • Episode 11 - Norman Neighbours, Skipsea, Humberside

      Loyal Time Team fan Frances Davies may have led the team to an amazing discovery of a whole Norman village in her field in East Yorkshire, a village lost to the records

    • Episode 12 - Tower Blocks and Togas, South Shields, Tyneside

      South Shields is well known for its Roman fort at the end of Hadrian's Wall. The team visit in an attempt to uncover the large Roman military cemetery that must be nearby.

    • Episode 13 - Animal Farm, Hanslope, Milton Keynes

      Unusual carved stonework, and a huge quantity of 11th to 13th-century pottery and some high-status finds brought Time Team on a hunt for a Norman house or hunting lodge in this former royal forest