Time Team


  • A Lasting Legacy for Castle Hill

    In March 1955 two brothers, Farnham and Sturdee Irish, bought Fordscroft Farm. For three generations we have driven past the prominent landmark of Castle Hill which is at the entrance to the farm with no idea of its history other than local folklore.

  • Crewkerne: Behind the Scenes

    First suggested by the Somerset County Archaeologist Bob Croft, our development staff had visited Castle Hill only to be rebuffed by... badgers...!

  • Crewkerne: Dig Report

    The landowners, the Irish family, had discovered several pieces of pottery dug out of animal burrows, and local legends held that a Norman conquest castle existed at the site.

  • Time Team at Caerleon

    As Phil handed me what looked like a small oval-shaped black stone I remember thinking 'I bet this is just a small oval-shaped black stone!' As I rubbed the wet soil off the surface of the object in the palm of my hand I was stunned...

  • Kenfig Dig Report

    Today, Kenfig is a complex of sand dunes, home to a variety of wildlife. The only signs that a town ever existed here are the faint earthworks across the site and 'Kenfig Castle', the remains of which poke out of the dunes.

  • Kenfig: Behind the Scenes

    800 years ago the very sand we were planning to dig through had spelt doom for the wealthy defended town of Kenfig...

  • Earls Colne: Behind the Scenes

    The initial development visit to the Earls Colne site did not fail to impress. Paul Whights beautiful home is an extraordinary Tudor style manor house with rolling grounds, which Paul is hard at work remodelling.

  • Earls Colne: Dig Report

    Earls Colnes owner Paul Whight invited Time Team to investigate the Priory built by the De Veres, and known to be in the back garden of his grand country home.

  • St Ebba's Chapel by the Sea

    Northumbria abounds with monasteries, Anglo-Saxon sculpture and sites associated with Cuthbert and other saints. St Ebba was a female saint, said to have been the sister of the Northumbrian kings Oswald and Oswi, who lived in the seventh century.

  • Beadnell Chapel of Secrets: Dig Report

    In the case of St Ebbas our work needed to continue what had been carried out in the past. This included some antiquarian investigation in 1853 by a Mr Hodgson Hinde