Upton from the air

The then owner had become fed up with trying to run such a huge concern and complained to the Barlows about his wish to sell and one impulse decision later, Steve and Pru became the new owners of a substantial castle with grand 19th century alterations, a chapel and a considerable amount of land.

As restoration of the house has continued Steve and Pru have become fascinated with the history of the site, which is likely to have been an important strategic location (on a river) well before the arrival of the Normans in Wales. The estate boasts a chapel beside the castle (on a different alignment and complete with pre-norman effigies), ruined medieval buildings of unknown function nearby and mysterious bridges, weirs and other landscape features. The ultimate Time Team back garden!

Time Team were invited to uncover the hidden history of Upton Castle. The team began by exploring the jumble of building types and periods represented by the castle itself and attempting unpick them, exploring the estate for clues as to its origin and surveying the lawns around the house for evidence of its earlier layout. Excavation proved tricky as the team had to avoid the formal gardns and even excavated inside one of the 13th century towers to investigate earlier floor levels... To find the answers to the questions that Steve and Pru had the team would have to bring their unique skill sets together to deliver to the family the earliest origins of their home.