Time Team


  • Professor Mick Aston: A Time Team Tribute

    More4 aired a night of programmes in memory of Time Team's archaeological director and one of the top archaeologists in the country, Professor Mick Aston, who died on 24 June 2013.

  • Upton Castle

    In 1997 Steve and Pru Barlow were visiting Upton Castle, a 13th century site in Pembrokeshire, most well known for its formal gardens. This proved to be a fateful visit...

  • Northwood

    Northwood Prep School in Hertfordshire is currently the site of a school for boys, housed in the restored buildings of an 18th century model farm.

  • Dundrum

    Dundrum Castle is one of the most picturesque monuments in Northern Ireland.

  • Dropshort

    In 1962 a farmer ploughing a field near Abingdon in Oxfordshire hit something hard...

  • Oakham

    Oakham 'Castle' in Rutland, Leicestershire is the best-preserved example of a 12th century hall in Britain.

  • Coniston

    Coniston Copper Mines in the beautiful Lake District National Park were in operation for almost 400 years.

  • Barrow Clump

    Barrow Clump is all that remains of a group of Bronze Age barrows near Figeldean, Wiltshire.

  • Henham Park

    Henham Park in Suffolk is owned by Hektor Rous, direct descendent of the Earls of Stradbroke. Hektor, an Australian by birth, came to run Henham when his father, a sheep farmer, was found to be the only living relative of the Rous family.

  • Caerau Hillfort

    Hillforts are thought of as defensive structures as well as symbols of power, prestige and community.