Time Team Specials

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    Christmas Special 1999

    Tony Robinson presents this seasonal episode of Time Team from York's Barley Hall, where an extravagant Medieval Christmas celebration is in full swing

    This episode is subtitled50 mins
  • Dinosaur Hunting

    Tony Robinson and Phil Harding hit the highways of America on a road trip to some of the most exciting dinosaur sites in the world

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    The Wreck of the Colossus

    A follow-up to the discovery of one of the most exciting naval artefacts ever found in British waters, part of the wreck of the 18th-century warship The Colossus

    This episode is subtitled49 mins
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    Hadrian's Well

    While digging a huge site in the middle of London, archaeologists uncovered two extraordinary Roman cisterns and the remains of a complex mechanism for drawing water.

    This episode is subtitled49 mins
  • Steel City

    Tony and the Team join archaeologists in Sheffield as they near the end of their mammoth six-year excavation of the city's industrial past

  • Loch Tay

    Tony Robinson and the Team join Nick and Barrie Dixon, who have spent 23 summers uncovering the secrets of Oakbank Crannog, an Iron Age house in Loch Tay

  • The Ten Million Pound House

    Tony and the Team visit the moated medieval manor, Ightham Mote of Kent, which is undergoing restoration by the National Trust at a cost of £10million, to uncover its hidden secrets

  • The King of Bling

    A chance discovery by archaeologists in Southend revealed an Anglo-Saxon tomb crammed with such impressive gold artefacts that the tabloids dubbed the occupant 'the King of Bling'.

  • Britain's Lost Roman Circus

    Tony Robinson and the Team tell the fascinating story of the discovery of Britain's only Roman chariot racing site, in Colchester, Essex

  • Life on the Edge 1000 BC

    A remarkable dig provides a unique picture of a corner of Bronze Age Britain when Time Team explore the banks of the River Witham, just outside Lincoln.

  • Journey to Stonehenge

    In a major excavation, archaeologists link the henge at Durrington to its more famous neighbour, Stonehenge, and uncover an extraordinary picture of Stone Age life.

  • The Big Roman Villa

    This Time Team special revisits the Roman Villa near Dinnington in Somerset where in 2002 they uncovered some of the finest mosaics ever discovered

  • Buried by the Blitz

    Archaeologists from the Museum of London enlist the Team and dozens of volunteers to help excavate Dorchester Street in Shoreditch, London, which was razed by a Second World War bomb

  • Pugin: The God of Gothic

    Tony Robinson and Kevin McCloud take a journey into the world of architect and designer Augustus Pugin and follow the renovation of his former home, The Grange, in Ramsgate

  • Britain's Drowned World

    Tony Robinson and the Team piece together the story of the land lost when the North Sea and the English Channel formed during a 10,000-year flood

  • Secrets of the Stately Garden

    Tony Robinson and the Team follow an ambitious two-year restoration of Prior Park garden near Bath and decode some of the secrets of England's stately gardens

  • Ainsbrook

    This Time Team Special follows the excavation of 'Ainsbrook' and the often difficult relationship between the metal detectorists and archaeologists over a period of a year from late 2005 to 2006

  • The Real Knights of the Round Table

    The Team reconstruct 'The Round Table', Edward III's magnificent building, whose foundations lie under the Queen's lawn at Windsor Castle

  • The Lost Dock of Liverpool

    Tony Robinson and the Team delve into Liverpool's past and uncover how the city catapulted itself onto the international trading stage 300 years ago

  • Swords, Skulls and Strongholds

    Tony Robinson, Francis Pryor and Phil Harding present a radical new picture of Iron Age Britain, a crucial yet mysterious period of British history

  • The Lost WWI Bunker

    Tony Robinson travels to Belgium to search for a massive underground shelter from the Great War that was known as the Vampir

  • The Mystery of the Roman Treasure

    Tony Robinson untangles the tale of the Sevso treasure, considered to be one of the world's most important collections of Roman silver, currently languishing in a bank vault

  • Henry VIII's Lost Palaces

    Tony Robinson and the Time Team mark the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII's accession to the throne. He was the most prolific and talented palace builder in British history.

  • The Secrets of Stonehenge

    For six years archaeologists were digging at Stonehenge to reveal the truth about this near-mythical place and crack its secrets. This show reveals what they found.

  • Dover Castle

    Dover Castle was the Millennium Dome of the 12th century: vast, very expensive and built to show off the best we can offer. Tony Robinson examines its recent extraordinary restoration.

  • Nelson's Hospital

    Between 1757 and 1826, thousands of seamen and marines of the Royal Navy are believed to have been buried in a cemetery near the Portsmouth dockyard

  • The Secrets of Westminster Abbey

    The Team go behind the scenes at Westminster Abbey to explore the story of the Cosmati pavement, as the mosaic floor is uncovered for the first time in a century

  • The Real Vikings

    Tony and the Team follow digs around the UK that uncover a vast array of archaeology and provide fascinating insights into our Viking past and how it has shaped today's Britain

  • D-Day

    Tony Robinson and the Team travel to Normandy to uncover the experiences of one group of Second World War soldiers who bravely stormed the beaches on 6 June 1944.

  • Wars of the Roses

    Tony Robinson examines new research into the Battle of Bosworth, which challenges the understanding of this iconic battle and the entire nature of medieval English warfare.

  • The Somme's Secret Weapon

    Tony Robinson joins a dig near Mametz, delving into the past to find out whether or not an underground weapon really was deployed and, if so, whether it really worked in the way they think it did

  • Castle of the Saxon Kings

    On the stunning Northumberland coast, Tony and the Team help investigate the Saxon roots of Bamburgh Castle, and search for a unique stone-built hall under its manicured lawns

  • Looking Underground

    Tony Robinson and geophys boffin John Gater examine the achievements of geophysics, and put the latest technology to the test: can it distinguish between a bike and a toilet?

  • Boudica's Lost Tribe

    Tony Robinson traces Boudica's story and follows an excavation in Norfolk that may hold the key to uncovering what happened to Boudica's tribe after they were defeated by the Roman army

  • The Way We Lived

    Tony Robinson and Mick Aston dig out the best bits of over 200 Time Team episodes to tell the story of how our domestic lives have changed over 10 millennia

  • Jamestown: America's Birth Place

    The Team unearth historical jewels dating back to the early 17th century, shedding new light on the first permanent English settlement in America

  • Brunel's Last Launch

    Tony Robinson and the team probe the disastrous east London launch of Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel's revolutionary vessel the SS Great Eastern 150 years ago

  • Searching for Shakespeare's House

    Tony and the Team join archaeologists digging the site of William Shakespeare's house, New Place, examining why he needed such a grand home and how he could afford it

  • Secrets of the Saxon Gold

    The Team reveal how scientific analysis of the Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard found in a Staffordshire field in 2009 is challenging our understanding of the Dark Ages

  • Rediscovering Ancient Britain

    Tony Robinson investigates why our Stone Age ancestors built 1000 monuments, from burial chambers to stone circles, along the South Dorset Ridgeway

  • Britain's Stone Age Tsunami

    Tony Robinson reveals how a huge tsunami swamped the east coast of Britain 8000 years ago. He finds out why it happened, and examines the surprisingly sophisticated society it devastated.

  • The Secret of Lincoln Jail

    Lincoln has been dominated by its castle for over 1000 years. This Time Team Special explores the hidden corners of this spectacular site and the extensive historical records to find out why.

  • The Lost Submarine of WWI

    Sir Tony Robinson examines a forgotten chapter in underwater history: the First World War development of submarines from catastrophic death traps to key weapons of war

  • The Madness of Bedlam

    Seven hundred years ago the world's first lunatic asylum opened in Bishopsgate, London. The name Bedlam still conjures up images of terror. Tony Robinson discovers Bedlam's reputation is justified.

  • 1066: The Lost Battlefield

    Tony Robinson gives the history books one in the eye by discovering where the Battle of Hastings was really fought

  • The Edwardian Grand Designer

    Tony Robinson examines the life and work of legendary British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, and joins the restoration of one of his iconic buildings, Castle Drogo

  • Britain's Bronze Age Mummies

    Tony Robinson unearths the rituals, death rites and beliefs of Britons living in the Bronze Age, discovering holes drilled into human bone and mummified remains

  • Secrets of the Body Snatchers

    Tony Robinson uncovers the shocking truth behind some of the most gruesome events of the 19th century, when criminals would break open graves at night to steal fresh bodies

  • The Boats That Made Britain

    Tony Robinson joins a team of experts as they strive to reconstruct the Dover Boat and so unlock the secrets of this mysterious time in our past