Time Team Specials


  • Bamburgh Castle

    Bamburgh is merely one part of a vast early medieval landscape in northern Northumberland which includes Holy Island or Lindisfarne, the Farne Islands and such inland sites as Yeavering, where a great Northumbrian palace was also excavated by Hope-Taylor.

  • Bamburgh

    Time Team's visit to Bamburgh was a little different to the normal filming experience, as the team were visiting an ongoing long-term research project, rather than leading their own excavation.

  • Hampton Court Palace

    Hampton Court is the most impressive Tudor palace left to us, a triumph of architectural design and a lasting symbol of Henry VIII's legacy.

  • Beaulieu Palace

    Just off the A12 outside Chelmsford in Essex is New Hall. Today it is a bustling private Catholic school, but this imposing building with its impressive Elizabethan facade hides quite a secret: it was here that Henry VIII built his first palace, Beaulieu.

  • Henry VIII's Lost Palaces

    The year 1509 saw the accession to the throne of Henry VIII, a man who would change the face of Britain and the religious and political map of Europe forever.